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Why You’re Attracting Unavailable Men

Ever wondered why you attract unavailable men? 

Believe it or not, it happens for one very specific reason… which is what I’ll reveal in this video. To find out what that is, watch below.



Wisdom is power… you can break any pattern that you’re caught in. And you’ll always do so from the inside-out. You’ve got this.

Please leave a comment below telling us how you’re going use what you learned in the video to stop attracting unavailable men in your life. I look forward to hearing from you.




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Why Am I Attracted to People Who Hurt Me?

This is a challenging topic… but it’s very important to talk about.

Do you feel like you’re attracted to people who hurt you? 

Ever wondered why this happens and what you can do to make it stop?

In the video below, I discuss why we are attracted to people who activate pain within us and what this experience is trying to teach us… what we can do to overcome this pattern to experience a new kind of love. Click below to watch now.



Please leave a comment below telling us how you’re going to use the information in the video to rise out of the pattern of feeling pain and hurt in relationships, into a new type of love.



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Dedicate Yourself to Love (& Love is What You’ll Find)

Ahhh… a feel-good topic today.

One of the most important lessons we could ever learn in this life – dedicate yourself to Love, and Love is what you’ll find. Watch the video below to find out what I’m talking about.



You are love, sweet one. Don’t ever forget it.

Please leave a comment below telling us how you’re going to own yourself as Love.

Deep bow,


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The Secret Formula to Attracting Love

Connection is what we all desire. Feeling seen, known, met, and deeply bonded with another person is what life is all about.

Love, undoubtedly, is sweetest experience there is.

And yet, many of us struggle with attracting great love into our lives. We want it so badly, yet it feels so far away.

Why is it finding love so hard? The answer is simple: We’re not being love, so it can’t show up in front of us.

We’re creating our realities from the inside-out. Your relationships mirror back to you how you feel about yourself, what you believe about relationships, and how much love you’re embodying in your life.

Because of this, when you become the embodiment of love, love has no choice but to appear in front of you in all forms (including an incredible partnership).

Below are 8 steps that will transform your internal …

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3 Practices to Attract a Devoted Partner to You

As my connection deepens with my man, I can’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come in romantic love.

It wasn’t long ago that I experienced a ton of unease in relationships. I had a pattern of attracting men who couldn’t show up for me… I felt a deep longing to be seen, cherished and loved.

As painful as that time was, looking back now I wouldn’t change a thing. Because being unfulfilled in relationships helped me get very clear about the type of man I wanted to be with, and the discomfort actually made me very passionate about manifesting this new type of love.

Today, I’m in a completely different situation

I’m engaged to an incredible man! Not only do I feel secure, beautiful, fulfilled, and vibrant while deepening into a relationship with him, but I also chose someone who wants nothing more than to show-up for …

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