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How I Manifested 6-Figures $$

Talking openly about money is something many people don’t feel comfortable with. I’ll admit it, I feel vulnerable publicly announcing how much money I made last year, too.

But it’s this reluctance to be open about money that causes us to struggle with our finances. If we remain in the dark about any subject, we can’t improve it. Consciousness is the key to our growth. 

Therefore, if you want to improve your financial reality you have to bring more awareness to your relationship with money. That’s what this article will teach you to do.

Below are a few of the steps I personally took to increase my awareness with money last year, gracefully ushering me over the 6-figure mark in income. By making these six, simple shifts in your life, I guarantee you’ll greatly improve your relationship with money and abundance, too.

1) I strengthened my inner connection to Abundance.

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