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4 Tantric Practices that Create Intimacy & Connection in Your Relationship

Tantra is the practice of being in a full-relationship with life.

An alive connection with what is.

Opening yourself – your senses, your awareness, your emotions – to the present moment and experiencing reality from that place of openness.

Tantra drops us deeper into the felt experience who we really are. It creates an active merging of body and spirit. When we practice tantra, life turns on.

And so do we.

Over the passed several months, I’ve been in a tantric relationship with a man who has taught me so many techniques to become even more awake and alive in our connection, in every moment.

Before I go any further, I’ll answer the question I know you’re wondering: “What exactly is a tantric relationship?”

To us, it’s an intimate relationship that’s grounded-in and guided-by Truth.

Meaning, it’s a partnership where our purpose (as a couple) is to be …

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4 Secrets to Creating a Conscious Relationship

We are approaching a period of time when relationships are ready to go through a major redesign. The current paradigm isn’t working. People are unsatisfied in love; people don’t know how to make relationships work.

And, believe it or not, this isn’t a bad thing. Because when systems break-down, that’s when they change. I believe that’s what’s happening in the area of intimate partnership. The break-down is forcing us to move towards conscious love.

So what exactly is a conscious relationship? It’s a romantic relationship that has a purpose, and that purpose is growth.

Individual growth. Growth as a couple. Growth that makes the world a better place.

As of now, most people get into relationships to satisfy their own personal needs. This might work for a few years, but eventually the relationship fails us, and we end up unsatisfied as a result.

But when two people come together with …

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4 Practices That Will Increase Your Natural Attractive Energy

Attraction is the energy that draws people closer to us.

Attraction creates desire, intrigue and deeper connections in relationships.

Attraction is your key to you feeling completely turned-on in your life.

And attraction is an energy that you can cultivate more of in yourself.

The reasons we’d want to become more attractive are pretty obvious: We all want to feel seen, known and loved by others. 

But what often gets overlooked when we talk about attraction is the fulfillment it brings to a person, regardless of the affect it has on other people.

That’s because when you choose to become the most attractive version of yourself, you’re signing-up to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

There’s nothing that feels better than claiming the truth of who you are – this is why the path of becoming highly attractive creates such intrigue in the people around you. 

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4 Qualities that Spark Desire in Relationships

Desire. It’s that delectable energy that wakes us up, focuses our attention, gets our blood flowing and makes us feel alive!

Desire is one of the most enjoyable human experiences there is – wanting something and anticipating getting it.

It’s the energy that surges us into evolution; desire is at the very core of our existence!

So what are the qualities that inspire the amazing feeling of desire between two people? Last week I had the pleasure of listening to the lovely Esther Perel speak (the author of the revolutionary book Mating in Captivity), and she had some phenomenal tips on the subject.

Below are four qualities that Esther mentioned as being paramount in creating desire in relationships. If your relationship ever starts to feel a little stale (which, of course, is natural from time to time), infuse yourself with these qualities to bring yourself, and your …

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How to Stop Attracting People You’re NOT Attracted To (& Start Attracting People You Are)

I can’t tell you how many men and women have asked me throughout the years about this complex dynamic in relationships:

“How do I STOP attracting people I’m not attracted to, and start attracting people I AM attracted to?” 

Huge topic. Slightly controversial. But so important to understand.

In the video below, I’ll tell you the exact steps I took to overcome the pattern of attracting men I was NOT attracted to (sounds bad, I know… but it happens to all of us), and start attracting the ones I was. Follow the steps I discuss in the video, and you’ll overcome this pattern, too. (Click below to watch the video.)

Now I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, please tell us about your experience with attracting people you’re not interested in, and what you’re going to do to break the pattern. I look forward to hearing from …

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