Dedicate Yourself to Love (& Love is What You’ll Find)

Ahhh… a feel-good topic today.

One of the most important lessons we could ever learn in this life – dedicate yourself to Love, and Love is what you’ll find. Watch the video below to find out what I’m talking about.



You are love, sweet one. Don’t ever forget it.

Please leave a comment below telling us how you’re going to own yourself as Love.

Deep bow,




Thank you for sharing this with us, Shelly. I am just now in the early stages of discovering this truth. I am committed to deepening my understanding and experience of it, even as parts of me doubt and question, and sometimes want to give up. I still feel committed.

I am wondering if you experienced the same thing when you first started. It’s like it goes in waves; waves of truth, peace, full, embodied understanding on one day. Then the next day, a crash; doubt, fears, forgetting, questioning. I try to keep coming back but sometimes it’s hard. But I keep trying.

Curious what your experience was like and how long it took you to get where you are.

Shelly Bullard

My first spiritual awakening was 5 years ago November 2011. I would say that is a significant starting point for me. :)


Thank you soooo much Shelly :)
I am love .yes love us the only truth…
I see love everywhere I go in life and god is the ultimate force and love
I enjoyed your vedio and all of your work soooo much xxxx

Shelly Bullard

YES! Love that! Thank you for loving my work!! That means so much to me!


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