How to be Feminine in Your Appearance

In this Reclaim Your Femininity video, I talk about what the feminine looks like. And I’m pretty sure it’s not what you’re thinking.

Curious? You can watch the 4 minute video right here, and be sure to leave a comment below telling us how you express your femininity:



Thankyou, this is really helpful.

I struggle to find clothes that I love, such as when I go shopping I’m really picky over what I choose to buy.

Sometimes there only has to be one thing “wrong” with an outfit and then it puts me off. Also it’s finding tops that suite me figure with a matching color. So finding a nice design top and color at the same time is challenging.

Maybe that says something about my nature but I’m just pointing out what is.

Shelly Bullard

In order to love yourself in clothes, you have to love yourself. :) Try being kinder and complimentary to yourself about your appearance in general. :)


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