Frequently Asked Questions

– I’ve never done coaching before — how do I know what to expect? 

Well, it’s true, you can’t know what to expect if you’ve never done coaching before. From my experience of working hundreds of people, what I think you can expect is: relief, clarity, big-time confidence, feeling hot and powerful, fullness from within and change in your relationships and life. When it comes to making big decisions, I encourage my clients to trust their inner guidance. You have deep wisdom inside of you (your intuition). I encourage you to listen to it, trust it, and go for it.


– What is your style as a coach?

Incredibly loving and passionate. Straightforward. Heartfelt. Compassionate. And honest. My coaching style is a lot like my writing style. I work like a laser-beam — I get right in there with you, care for you profoundly and immediately, tell you exactly what I see, help you understand what your blocks are, and tell you exactly what will change your current situation. I’m a mix of being very professional and very warm. Many of my clients have said that I’m like an old, wise friend who offers exceptional guidance.


– What are the sessions like?

Fun, mind-blowing, life-changing, empowering, deep, directive, and clear. Powerful. Personal. Transformational. Enlightening. A client once said, “It’s like magic!” and, yeah, it is. :)


– What do I need to do to prepare for the first session?

It’s not necessary to prepare for any of our sessions (except for by doing the homework that I have assigned you the week before) — I assure you, you’ll get what you need by showing up as you are. If you want to prepare for the first session, think about why you reached out to me, what you want to change, and how you want me to help you (because those are the first questions I’m going to ask you). The entire process will unfold naturally from there. Note: It’s important for you to be in a private, comfortable place, where you won’t be distracted during our calls.


– Will you give me homework? 

Yes. Homework may include books to read, exercises to complete, or changes to make in your thinking and behavior. It’s a unique and individualized process for each client — I will suggest what’s best for you.


– How exactly does the payment transaction work? 

After you have a free consultation with me and have decided you’d like to work together (you can schedule your free consultation here), I’ll send you an email and a PayPal invoice. Because I have a high demand of clients and a limited number of coaching spaces available, I ask that you pay the invoice within 12 hours of receiving it — this will reserve your spot with me.


– What is your refund policy? 

Your satisfaction is so important to me that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you realize the coaching experience is not for you, just let me know within the first 45 minutes of our first session together, and I will gladly refund you 100% of your money. (After 45 minutes, all sales are final.)


– Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes. Schedule your free consultation here, and we can discuss it on our call. We’ll create a plan that works for you (it’s 2, 3 or 4 payments, depending on which package you choose).


– I’m a guy and you seem to know a lot about women — can you help me understand what’s going on in my relationship? 

Absolutely I can. Even though I specialize in working with women, I have worked with many men. Guys, if you want my guidance, simply schedule a free consultation here. I would be happy to help you.


– Is coaching best for single women or women in relationships? 

Both. If you identify with the patterns I described on this website you’re an appropriate client for me regardless of your relationship status. If your single, I’ll guide you to being the most confident, attractive, amazing version of yourself, making you irresistible to all types of men! And if you’re in a relationship, I will guide you in whatever way is necessary for you to get the love you want.


– Will being on Skype make the experience less personal?

The coaching experience that I offer is very personal because we don’t meet in person. Not being in person helps you feel safe so you can be really honest with me — which is much better for your process. And it removes all the excess distractions that occur in person. This allows me to dive right to the heart of the matter with you.


– Can we meet in person? 

We can’t, unless we run into each other on the streets of New York or San Francisco, which would be very cool. Like I said above, not meeting in person benefits you. First, I’m “in the zone” working on Skype, which is better for you. Second, if we met in person, distractions would inhibit our work together. We can be much more productive while you are in the comfort of your own home (or office, or wherever you are), and I’m in the comfort of mine.


– How many sessions will be enough for me? 

– 1 session is great if you’re looking for clarity and insight, and you want to ask me specific questions about your relationship.

– 4 sessions is fantastic to jumpstart into a new way of being in relationships. We can get a ton done in 4 sessions — you can walk away having a completely different view of how relationships work, what attracts men, and what you need to do to be the most confident version of yourself.

– 8 sessions is fantastic if you want to completely change. With this package, I’ll guide you to transform your experience of yourself, in relationships, and with men. We will change your old beliefs systems, confront your blocks, change your understanding of relationships, deepen your self-love, learn to embody the most attractive version of yourself, and prepare you for the greatest love of your life.

If you aren’t sure which package is best for you, schedule your consultation and we’ll discuss it together.


– Is this therapy?

No, it’s not therapy. But I’m a licensed psychotherapist, so there are some similarities. My style is fast and straightforward, which is very different than traditional psychotherapy. We usually don’t spend a lot of time extensively going over your history unless it’s relevant. And it’s not a long, drawn out process; instead it’s directional, with a goal in mind.


– How often will we have a session? 



– Do I have to use my sessions consecutively? 

Yes. In my experience, I’ve found that when more than one week goes by in-between sessions, the experience is less potent and less successful. Therefore, for your success, it’s important that we have weekly sessions. If you have vacation plans or another time constraint, we can make an adjustment based on your needs.


– What if I can’t make our originally scheduled appointment? 

When you purchase a package from me, you’ll get all of the sessions you purchased, no matter what. That said, please give me as much notice as possible (preferably 24 hours) if you have to reschedule your appointment. That way I can adjust my schedule and fit another client in. Email me and I’ll reschedule a new time for you. Thank you!


– Will we be in contact in-between sessions?

You can always contact me via email in-between sessions. During the time we work together, I am completely committed to supporting you in your growth process.


– Where do I sign-up? 

See that big, pink rectangle? Click that. YES! Let’s do this, girl!