Why You Get Triggered in Relationships (& What To Do About It)

Do you get triggered in your relationships?

Do you become overwhelmed with feelings, come undone, feel crazy with your partner, have no idea why this happens or what to do about it?

If so, you’re not alone. In the short video below, I talk about why you get triggered in your relationships and what you can do to overcome these triggers so you can create the love you want. Click below to watch now.

Please leave a comment below telling me what triggers you most in your relationships, and what the lesson is that you’re trying to learn. Your awareness is your power. You can do this.





Perfecting timing- exactly what I am dealing with at the moment, your message helps me understand why and Now I can stop my inner freaking out..feels so crazy sometime like I am sabagtaging my current relationship.. thank you.


I needed this….perfect timing. Makes so much sense. I already knew this but need constant reminding, especially right now. Thank you.


Thank you for this beautiful message. I have recently viewed my triggers as opportunities for healing. I wish I had that realization 20 years ago, but I can only be in today. Thank you for encouraging this awareness practice. Your guidance is very special.


Hi Shelly
My parents for divorced when I was really young and my dad has never been a part of my life since. I was involved in an on again, off again relationship with a guy that ended because he cheated and impregnated the lady. I’ve currently been in a really great relationship with someone who is polyamorous. I’m monogomous.And he recently told me that he’s confused about who to be with as a primary partner between myself and a girl he was seeing before me. Prior to this I’d often felt like she would be a problem and he might leave me for her (I’ve been his primary partner for 2 years while she was in a ND out of his life). Anyway, I’ve been dealing with the emotions of feeling rejected or that I’m not good enough to be his life partner. I’m realising that perhaps that is my trigger, that I feel like I’m not good enough for a partner to commit to, that they’ll always find a reason to leave.

Shelly Bullard

#1: Only date monogomous people. That’s a good place to start. :) And I forsee you doing inner work so you KNOW that you are worthy of love.


Shelly, you are EVERYTHING. This speaks to me on so many levels right now, and I’m so glad I found your website. I was already of this belief from a combination of educating myself and also on a very spiritual sense of just knowing, but you have put it together and explained it so beautifully – thank you xxx


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