Hitting Rock-Bottom with Men & Discovering Real Love

I want to share with you more about who I am, and how I came to understand love and relationships.

My personal journey starts with me hitting bottomfeeling completely exhausted, confused, disheartened and discouraged about love. 

When I hit this bottom, I didn’t realize that I would open up to receive the biggest gift of my life – an understanding that we’re all profoundly connected to Love within (and when we rely on this connection, we create incredible lives from the inside-out).

In this video, I’ll share with you the details about why my relationships used to be disastrous with men, how I bottomed-out, the profound insight that changed everything, and how my life is completely different now as a result. Watch the video below:



Hi my name is sheridan,I live in Melbourne Australia, I met this guy age 48 and me 44 2 yrs, got to know each other for 6 mths and dated for a yr, I had a child 18 yrs old not well in and out of hospital, but he still asked me to marry him, then to mths ago me and my daughter had a faulty electrical fire at our unit, and that was the last straw for him, I was always depressed and cried all the time, so he moved 2 hrs away from me, and broke off the engagement then the relationship, I went to see him begged pleaded cried and so on, witch now I know wasn’t wright. we argued over phone gmail, but now we are on good talking terms, I have changed a lot I smile each and every day of my life, and don’t get stressed anymore, and think positive every day, cause who wants to date someone who is always depressed, and cries all the time. I am now moving down his way to be near him, on Tuesday I have a job interview out his way and find out if I get the property near him, I am seeing him again after 2 mths I need your help to get him back please respond fast with some tips, also he was married before he met me, but his wife died 7 yrs ago now, and me I always had one violent man after other, until I met Bruce I love him so much he is my sol mate please help me, so I don’t mess up on Tuesday thank you.

Shelly Bullard

Sorry Sheridan. I can’t help you. You’re attachment is too strong – you’re desiring him with you ego. When you’re ready not to do that, then I can help. Much love xo

Sue Ellen

Hey Shelly,

I so heart hurts so much, I husband left me a 3rd time again and this time he wants a divorse I’m totally heartbroken but we where making each miserable but I always had it in my head when we get married its for live and having to children I wanted it so much that my marriage would last I don’t there will be a way back from this 3rd time….I think not able to restore my marriage?!
I really need and advice to take the heartache away and let love and forget my fears and try to attract love in again….My true love…. Thanks Shelly ;) xoxoxo


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