How to Overcome Fear of Abandonment in Relationships

Do you feel fear of abandonment in relationships?

The fear that you’re going to be left, distanced-from, or rejected by the people you love?

If so, there’s hope. This fear is very common in relationships, but there’s also a way to overcome it, which is what I’ll teach you below.

In today’s video, I’ll explain exactly what fear of abandonment is, why you have it, and what you can do to overcome this pattern to experience greater and deeper connections in love. Click below to watch now.


Please leave a comment below telling us about your experience with fear of abandonment in relationships, and what you’re going to do to overcome this pattern and rise in love.

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I abandon my ex and I return 4months after and now he want forgive me he keeps leaving me in hopes that he will return with me one day he moved on with another female I never give them a reason why I left I just said MoveOn and I did explain to him what happened I should explain myself at first and I regret he say he’s not ready to make a decision but yet he cries and says he don’t know what to do every time he visits and I could still see that love is always there I don’t know what to do I am lost please give me an advice

Kristine Horton


My experience with abandonment has stemmed from somehow feeling or believing I’m not good enough. This was shown to me when I was very small. I have no relationship with my father or my step father. I got in to the habit when I was young to reject people that rejected me to protect myself from being hurt by them.

A few months back I left a guy who was bad for me. Leaving meaning I have not heard back from him and I have had the strength to not call to find out why I haven’t heard from him. I’m ready to make a better decision for myself and I know if I call him I will go back and be in a bad relationship all over again. I find I miss the relationship more than I miss him. I want to be around someone and share with them. I’m looking forward to a better guy in my future after I take your courses.

I have to take all of your courses because I need them more than I can say.


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