How to Trust Your Partner

Do you struggle with trusting?

Do you want to know how to truly, deeply trust your partner?

Many of us have wounding around trust and because of this, it can be very hard to trust the people we love. In this video below, I’ll tell you how to overcome your trust issues so you can experience a new level of love.



Please leave a comment below telling us how you’re going to use what you learned in the video to trust more. I look forward to hearing from you.




This is so beautiful, do you have any insights on how to trust in relationship again after there has been infidelity? Can there be trust again in that relationship? Does this come back to the trust within ourselves and our divine self to see if its right to continue in the relationship.

Shelly Bullard

If both people are able to be FULLY honest with each other, then yes, you can come back from it. Full honesty and the ability to HEAR the other. So, for example, allowance and true-express of why he/she had an infidelity. And also your true expression (and being heard) of how that felt to you (this is not blame – very different – it’s vulnerability). If the infidelity allows both of you to approach each other in this new, very honest, very vulnerable way, Trust will be regained (actually, it will be born, in a whole, new way).


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