How Inner Child Work Can Heal Your Relationship

You have an inner child and she is craving for you to take care of her! :)

In this video, I talk about what inner child work is and how it can be one of the most healing steps you take in your life… bringing you and your relationship into alignment with true, deep love. Enjoy!



Please leave a comment below telling us how you’re going to start taking better care of your inner child. I look forward to hearing from you.





Shelly! Every time I explore something within my self or have a challenge within my relationship you miraculously send a clip within a week that confirms what I have only just realised about myself and you describe it perfectly so that I know I’m defiantly
on the right track. I feel like I’m totally in synch with your teachings! Thank you so so much! Your a true blessing! x


Hi Shelly I also have deep painful issues of abandonment and rejection and it gets worse the older I get, I am 45 in 2 days and 2 months ago my boyfriend left me and I feel completely devastated and heartbroken, my good friend says this has triggered my rejection issues, Inhave hit rock bottom and so want to heal myself as it’s so so painful and has been for around 30 years now.
Kind Regards
Karie x


Wow, what’s that beautiful sounding oasis you have behind you? It put me in a nice, tranquil, peaceful state :) Thanks for sharing this video, inner child work has been really crucial in my healing and spiritual development. During my best friends birthday last year, I had a deep opening of awareness where I realized I was abandoning myself and my inner child, and have been doing so probably my entire life. After that awakening, I can now attend to my feelings like they are a child, like they deserve to be seen and heard which makes me feel empowered, loved and secure.

Sharon Register

Thank you for this beautiful experience. Exactly the same fear my inner child has. Know I need to comfort her and talk to her. Much love and light to you for this message

Shelly Bullard

Yes – talk to her so she can know she’s safe. Lots of love xo

Kristine Horton

I will start to talking to my inner child and I think it will help me find peace with the events of my life further. Thank you


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