The First Step You Must Take to Manifest Money

You have to power to completely transform your experience with money. And it has nothing to do with getting a new job or boosting-up your resume. It has to do with learning how to manifest money – aligning your internal experience with a wealth-vibration so money gracefully flows into your life.

To many, this seems crazy and impossible. And I get it… if you’ve been living in a state of not having enough for so long, the idea of using your mind and heart to manifest money seems pretty “out-there.”


And because I’m so confident that you can, I want to offer you a friendly challenge – sincerely try the practice I’m about to tell you for 1 week, and THEN tell me it’s not possible to manifest money. The challenge is on! ;) 

Here’s the thing – we are creating our lives from the inside-out. Everything in our lives. Including our experiences with money.

If you learn the single technique I explain in the video below, you WILL transform your experience with money. It’s worked for me, and I know it will work for you, too. 

With that, here’s the #1 step you must take to manifest money. Enjoy! (Click below to watch the video.)

Now I want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us how you’re going to implement this process into your own life so you can manifest money. (And, come back after 1 week to report how the experiment went – I want to know!)




Ive heard and read a lot about tuning to abundancy. But it wasnt until i fully embrace the abundant energy within me that i started to see results. I start precieving abundance in nature, in things i had, in all the love arpund me… And then boom. It also manifested as money. So i dont know well how to express it, i think you did it perfectly in your video. But yes, it does happen. I choose to stay tuned to the energy of abundance, that is my pure nature. Thanks shelly once again you came at the right time withthe rights words. Amazing self you are!


Hi ,
I have studied the spiritual side of life for some time now and what Shelly is saying
about connecting with your inside ie abundance within a persons self ! is true.
Yes its all about the positive / negative energy around us. Some time you need to
break the mould that others have put in place for us .

James Brady.


Hi Shelly,

I loved this video, as well as your other recent ones. How do you think worthiness fits into this? I sometimes feel like I need to start there and build that belief within myself first.

Shelly Bullard

Worthiness is important but it’s not essential to create wealth (it sounds bad, I know. Let me explain…).

Obviously, when you’re connected to your inherent worthiness, you KNOW that you deserve everything good – it’s much easier to manifest from this viewpoint. HOWEVER, worthiness and wealthy are 2 different energetic vibrations (feel into that… feeling WORTHY and feeling WEALTHY don’t feel the exact same way – they’re different frequencies in the energetic field).

There are many, many people who have acquired a lot of wealth in their lives and yet… they don’t feel worthy. And the opposite is also true – many people who feel worthy can’t create wealth. This is because they’re different vibrations.

So, the conclusion is: worthiness will help you manifest anything, but it’s not essential to create wealth in your life.

Side note: I think this is an interesting topic – maybe I’ll write an article about it (thanks for the idea!). I wonder how many people have set out to create wealth in their lives BECAUSE they don’t feel worthy. What these people will find is the wealth does not make the unworthiness go away – because it’s not the same thing. :)

Jennifer Loveland

I just don’t understand how you connect to your inner manifest. How do I do it? I don’t get it?

Shelly Bullard

Keep reading my articles and watching my videos and perhaps the HOW will sink in more.


Wow Shelly! I did this for a week and it resulted in miracles. I pulled myself out of the scarcity mindset anytime I saw myself coming to money from that perspective and I literally manifest money. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to learning more from you.

Shelly Bullard

Awesome!! Tell me more! How much did you manifest? Can you tell us about the experience. Your words will help others know that they can do it, too.


Hi Shelly. Today I came across an article at that lead me to your website. WOW! I am so happy I came across your website. Thank you so much for all the articles, I have spent a few hours reading through them. This video is very motivational. Totally loved it and I will of course start aligning myself with the universe from the inside. My new life full of abundance begins now. Thank you Shelly.


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