The Secret to Becoming the Most Attractive Version of Yourself

At first sight, it may seem taboo to want to become “the most attractive version of yourself.” But the reality is, we’re attracting people and experiences to us all the time, whether we’re aware of it or not!

We attract partners who mirror what we believe about relationships on the inside. 

We attract money (or not) based on how we identify with money and wealth on the inside. 

And we attract life experiences that mirror who we are and what we believe. 

Because we’re attracting everything to us, it’s only natural that we’d want to know how to attract the things that feel really good! And that’s what I’m going to show you how to do…

In the video below, I’ll walk you through the process of becoming the most attractive version of yourself. I’ll focus on how to attract people and partners, but you can use the concepts to attract anything into your life…

Now I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, please tell us the ways steps you’re going to take to implement what I told you in the video, to become the most attractive version of yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!



Couldn’t agree more! Wen you’re having a down day, you’re projecting that onto the world, that negative energy. Similarly when you’re in a good mood, the world feeds off that good energy and sends positive vibes back to you.


Great video Shelly! I completely agree with you. I wonder if in a subsequent video or post you could address techniques women can use to become more centered and radiant. It’s probably a bit different for everyone but exercise, eating well, and meditation help me as well as having certain routines like taking care of my skin and feet, but I still struggle with the demands of the world and balancing it all. In other words, sometimes I succeed in radiating that light and energy and other times I’m totally overwhelmed. How to have more of the former?

Shelly Bullard

Hi Sara. Great idea for a video – thank you! It’s all about commitment, devotion and practice. I have found in my own life, if my top priority is to be connected to Source (to be connected to light within me) then I’m going to make sure that I do things that connect me everyday. There a wide range of things you can do anything that makes you feel the desired feeling – the trick is, you just have to do those things. The hardest part is continuing to connect, even when you don’t want to. My eCourse, Manifest Your Love, takes women through this process of internally connecting on a daily basis, which is why it makes them potent magnets to what they desire.


Thank you for the the inspirational book. I really needed to hear your words. Post more as I implement into my day. Thanks again

dora shelton-asira

I feel most passionate when im helping others who genuinely need it. I’ m usually
attuned to my emotions because i want to keep my Bad Attitude in check. I do my Best to live in PEACE and Harmony at all times, but some situations just will not permit that.
However; I do Need to Breathe More. It does seem to shift my mood in times of


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