How to Use Your Feminine Sensuality to Attract Men

A sensual woman is ridiculously attractive to a man! 

She’s the type of woman that makes a man think, “There’s something about her,” but he can’t quite place what it is. All he knows is he feels very attracted to her.

What he’s likely picking up on is her sensuality, and he’s right… it’s completely irresistible.

If you are a woman, then you have a natural inclination towards being sensual. To learn more about what sensuality is and how to use it to attract men, watch the video below.



Ahhh! I am so enthusiastic about the perspective you are bringing into so many people’s awareness. It has really helped me to embody for feminine receptivity and flow in general. Thank you thank you and keep doing what you’re doing! xoxo


I’m so glad that I found you!! And am able to learn this information. I feel like these 3 videos are what my heart and spirit needed to hear so I can start living it out. I prayed to be given the tools and I will do it. :) I am currently single, for the past year now, my last relationship was with a nice guy, but he had too much going on to focus on a relationship, I don’t feel he was mature enough to handle a long term relationship at the time. I notice I am selective with the men I allow in my life and when I find one I am excited and dive right in. However, I have not been connecting with men recently, I can see their interest, it just seems they are waiting for my green light and I feel handicapped like I forgot how to flirt or even open up to let them know I like them. I need a lot of help right now ;) Thanks you for your gifts!


Hi Shelly! I am trying to view the video but it couldn’t appear, saying that it is a “Private” video. How can I view it?


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