Where Are All The Conscious Men?!

Ever wondered where all the conscious men are? 

Well… you’re not alone! All of us conscious women are wondering the same thing! ;)

In the video below, I talk about where conscious men actually are, and how you can prime yourself to attract one in. Click below to watch now.



Please leave a comment below telling us where and how you’re going to attract your conscious man. ;)

With love,




Hi Shelly, enjoyed this video. Wanted to ask you how different is it the other way around so what does a man do if he’s looking for a conscious woman? Thank you.

Alexandra crotta

What suggestions would you give to switch beliefs? Theta Healing? Love your stuff lady!!! Thank you for being you

Shelly Bullard

My courses are a good resource that show people exactly how to switch beliefs. That’s one option. Other options? Courses or books that teach that as well. xo

Bernadette Saliba

I can’t view the video at the moment because I am in the office : ) but I think that in England we understand the term “aware”, rather than “conscious” – to be not conscious means to be in a coma and we don’t use “conscious” in the context you refer, unless it is qualified; eg: “conscious of” something. But “aware” gets used on its own without having to ask “aware of what”? I get why you use the word, but it might be confusing for some readers! (Yes I take it very seriously lol!)


Hi Shelly, my mame is Sibonelo I an 25 years old. I got married at the age of 19, but unfortunately it did not work out. It’s been a year and 4 months since I left my husband he broke my heart very bad, I gave myself time to heal (whole year). I think its time for me to start dating but I am scared. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME WHAT CAN I DO TO TAKE AWAY THE FEAR OF BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP.


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