Where Are All The Conscious Men?!

Ever wondered where all the conscious men are? 

Well… you’re not alone! All of us conscious women are wondering the same thing! ;)

In the video below, I talk about where conscious men actually are, and how you can prime yourself to attract one in. Click below to watch now.



Please leave a comment below telling us where and how you’re going to attract your conscious man. ;)

With love,




Hi Shelly, enjoyed this video. Wanted to ask you how different is it the other way around so what does a man do if he’s looking for a conscious woman? Thank you.

Alexandra crotta

What suggestions would you give to switch beliefs? Theta Healing? Love your stuff lady!!! Thank you for being you

Shelly Bullard

My courses are a good resource that show people exactly how to switch beliefs. That’s one option. Other options? Courses or books that teach that as well. xo

Bernadette Saliba

I can’t view the video at the moment because I am in the office : ) but I think that in England we understand the term “aware”, rather than “conscious” – to be not conscious means to be in a coma and we don’t use “conscious” in the context you refer, unless it is qualified; eg: “conscious of” something. But “aware” gets used on its own without having to ask “aware of what”? I get why you use the word, but it might be confusing for some readers! (Yes I take it very seriously lol!)


Hi Shelly, my mame is Sibonelo I an 25 years old. I got married at the age of 19, but unfortunately it did not work out. It’s been a year and 4 months since I left my husband he broke my heart very bad, I gave myself time to heal (whole year). I think its time for me to start dating but I am scared. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME WHAT CAN I DO TO TAKE AWAY THE FEAR OF BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP.

Ken Robson

So I am very conscious of my partner. She is conscious as well. Sometimes we fight when she gets too intense about what I or WE need to do. I try to reason with her but her emotions deafen her. How can we disconnect in the heat of argument? How can we be less emotional when emotions is driving the train?


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