Who Am I?

Hello there. I’m Shelly. Thank you for visiting my website. I’m so happy to have you.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my journey in love so far:

  • I had a starter marriage (I like to call it that even though no vows were exchanged) with a very sweet man, which I ended for no other reason than my Soul was begging for more.

I was done with being a good girl. I was done with sacrificing my truth. I felt oppressed; I needed to break free. And, well, that’s exactly what I did. This courageous move led me to live a passionate life beyond what I could’ve ever imagined. I’m grateful everyday that I made that leap.

Now I work with women who are ready to do the same. They want to break-out of lives that feel too small, and courageously move in the direction their heart is telling them to go. 

  • I fell madly, head-over-heels in love with a man (who most definitely is one of my Soul Mates) and experienced an intense, passionate, full, wild, fun, (did I mention intense?) relationship with him. It was hot, and it burned. 

I learned more about myself from this relationship than from any other experience in my life. The passion brought forth my greatest fears and struggles; working through them led me to dive deeper into the depths of my Soul. This was a major gift.

I now guide women who are on a similar path–learning to navigate and grow from extremely passionate relationships, into their fullest, truest selves.

  • When our relationship ended the first time, I was a complete mess. When we ended the second time, I was at peace. I learned incredible lessons about love and life, and I was, once again, ready for a deeper love.

Going through both of these breakups taught me how to navigate the challenging and painful process of heartbreak and separation, and I experienced the biggest enlightenment of my life as a result. I tapped into a depth of love so full, all within myself. This is now my guiding light. 

I currently help women moving through heartbreak. This is the Phoenix Rising type-of-experience; at this juncture, it’s about complete transformation. 

  • Now, as a single woman, I am practicing being my fully-embodied, feminine self, and it’s paying off (I’m just going to say it…men can’t stay away). I’m learning how to sift through good men to find the best ones (it’s true), while maintaining my poise and grace in the process. And I have to tell you, it feels damn good (incredibly powerful). 

In this moment, I am enjoying the dating process (and gathering lots of data for my next eCourse–stay tuned). I’m also looking forward to my next man coming in. I already have a clear idea of who he is–let me tell you, he’s going to be good. ;)

I now help women in the process of dating, who are ready to manifest their Soul Mates and experience the deepest love of their lives. 

My experience in love has brought me to where I am today. I am so grateful to accompany other women who are walking a similar path. The way I see it, we are all in this together. We won’t settle for anything less than damn good love.

Here are some lovely compliments from my clients:

“Shelly is the most heart-centered person I have had the pleasure of working with!”

“Shelly is very compassionate, listens well, and accepts me exactly where I am.”

“Shelly is extremely patient and I appreciate her real world advice.”

“I really like the shared connection that I have with Shelly.”

“Shelly has a great combination of patience, passion, intelligence and empathy. She is a great listener and really understands the emotional needs of others.”

“I feel like I’m talking to a very wise friend.”

More praise in Love Coaching. (I’m blushing…)