Why Am I Attracted to People Who Hurt Me?

This is a challenging topic… but it’s very important to talk about.

Do you feel like you’re attracted to people who hurt you? 

Ever wondered why this happens and what you can do to make it stop?

In the video below, I discuss why we are attracted to people who activate pain within us and what this experience is trying to teach us… what we can do to overcome this pattern to experience a new kind of love. Click below to watch now.



Please leave a comment below telling us how you’re going to use the information in the video to rise out of the pattern of feeling pain and hurt in relationships, into a new type of love.




Shanna Whitlow

Thank you, Shelly! I am going through this exact journey and Spirit is helping me through you.
Much love and wellness

Nealedene Hoch

Interesting–and this actually relates to so many parts of our lives–not just relationships!

Liesl Bohn

Thank you, Shelly. Fear of abandoment is huge for my ego. And my favorite person is 255 miles away! Yes, my universe surely dropped this lesson in my lap!
Much appreciation, Liesl in Seattle, Wa. ✌

Michelle Composto

Ahhh, finally. I’ve been searching for the next step in how to heal that wound. Thank you


Hey Love your stuff. Has helped me heal so much Thank G-d.
Can you let me know how to bring spiritual wisdom to the wound.
Can you spell it out to me.
1- the pain comes up.
2- I look at it for what it is. Could be longing. Feeling unheard etc…
3- then what?
Thank you so much

Shelly Bullard

Then just sit with it. Drop into the actual energetic sensations you feel in your body. You also can say to yourself something like this, “Oh… ok… grief is here… I feel it… I’m staying with it… it feels like______.” But ideally, you just be with yourself in it, feeling it, not running away from it. Lots of love! xo


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