Why Commitment is Your Best Friend

Commitment is a provocative word. 

We associate it with lack of freedom, being locked-in and feeling stifled. 

I totally understand these fears; I used to be a commitment-phob, too.

But a funny thing happened when I was reflecting on how I’ve created a life that I’m totally in-love with… it occurred to me that commitment is what got me here.

The reality is, commitment hasn’t stifled me; it’s been the key to my freedom.

When we don’t commit – to people, purpose, what we believe in, and what we want to create – the we live on the perimeter of life, not fully diving-into anything!

We’re in that half-in/half-out zone – and the worst part is…. we convince ourselves that we’re preserving our freedom!

Have you noticed how horrible that half-way place feels?! 

– Not fully committing to a relationship – instead, just swimming around the perimeter…
– Not choosing to go for what you want – instead, hanging back, where it’s safe…
– Not fully committing to transform your life – instead, just letting things stay the same… 

This isn’t freedom. Choosing not to commit is ironically the very thing that keeps us stuck.

Commitment leads us to what we truly desireThe energy of commitment propels us to the next level. It’s the key to you getting where you want to go.

Don’t be afraid; jump into the flow…

Enrollment to my newest eCourse, Rise to Your Wealth, is closing tomorrow.

I created this course specifically for people who want to seriously transform their experience with money (that may or may not be you – only you can know, for sure).

I know committing to a process like this is scary; it’s requires your time, your focus and your investment. I get that this feels daunting – commitment is intense. 

But I also want you to remember that commitment is the key to your freedom. 

If you’re tired of not feeling abundant – if you’re tired of not having the money-flow you want or feeling like you’re constantly chasing cash – this program is for you.

It’s an opportunity for you to create a totally new experience with money, from the inside-out. Check out all the details of the course by clicking here.

Search within yourself.
Listen for the part that whispers, “Yes, I’m ready.”
And commit to having her back…

If you do, everything can change.

Enrollment for Rise to Your Wealth closes on Monday, May 11th at 2pm EST.

With mad, committed love for you, xo