Why Money is Spiritual

A common, limiting belief held by many people is that money and spirituality don’t mix.

Money is bad. If you’re spiritual, you shouldn’t want wealth.

Luckily for all of us, this is far from true. In fact, I’ve found that when money is consciously created and used, it mixes very well with spirituality (thank you very much).

The reason this is an important conversation to have is because if we feel that money is bad (even slightly), we’ll have a hard time creating financial abundance in this lifetime.

We’ll secretly feel like we should keep money at a distance.

We’ll experience guilt when we do make money.

And we’ll never be able to be at peace on the subject of money.

This is no way to live! And it’s definitely not spiritual.

In this article, I’ll give you four examples of why wealth and spirituality are highly-compatible. By understanding that money and spirituality compliment one another, you’ll open the gates to attract more money into your life.

1) Your Soul is Infinitely Abundant.

As a spiritual being, you’re automatically and completely abundant. In other words, your spirit is wealthy! And because you are your spirit, you’re inherently wealthy, too.

Your Spirit is the truest aspect of who you are – it is Love, Peace, Truth, Fulfillment, and Bliss. Do you think this part of us is also identified with being poor?

No! It’s the ego – or the small sense of self – that feels limited (financially, and otherwise).

A spiritual life is synonymous with an abundant life. When we’re identified as being Abundant within, we create abundance in the form of money and wealth in the outside world.

2) Spirituality is about expansion, and so is money.

Your soul wants to expand and grow; it does this by having many life experiences. Money is a tool that allows you to live full life!

Does this mean that money makes everything perfect? No.

Does it mean that money is your source of happiness? Absolutely not.

It simply means is that money is a tool that will help you have the life experiences you want to have.

Money is not the answer to everything, but it’s not useless either. Financial resources give you the opportunity to have many life experiences. The growth that occurs as a result of those experiences is completely aligned to a spiritual life.

3) Money is energetically neutral; it’s the energy behind it that counts.

Money itself isn’t good or bad. It’s paper – it’s not consciously making decisions on it’s own. Therefore, it’s neutral. It’s the energy that we choose to use money with that determines whether it feels “good” or “bad.”

Money that’s made at the expense of others feels tainted because it’s energetically used in an ego-centric, selfish way.

Money that’s made in a way that serves people feels good because it’s energetically used in a positive, loving way.

If your personal actions with money are responsible and kind, then that’s exactly what the money becomes. It’s an extension of your energy, so the way you choose to use money is ultimately what determines the vibration it carries.

4) Imagine a world where the majority of money is in conscious hands.

I once heard a well-known yoga teacher say that as spiritual people, we should prioritize creating financial abundance. “After all,” she said, “imagine what the world would be like if the majority of money was in conscious hands?”

This concept was profound to me! What if the majority of money in this world was used in life-preserving ways? Can imagine what that would be like?!

While there are many examples of people who use money in non-spiritual ways, there are also countless examples of people and companies that use their wealth to help the world. Famous philanthropists who come to mind are Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah, Angelina Jolie and Bono, to name a few.

When you have money, you have the resources to reach out and help many, many people. On a fundamental level, this is what spirituality is all about.

We need to remember that money itself is not good or bad; it’s merely a tool that we’re using in this lifetime. If you use money in a way that enhances your own life and lives of others, then a powerful, spiritual tool is exactly what money will be.

In the comments below, please tell us what you think about money and spirituality complimenting one another. We look forward to hearing from you!



Shelly fabulous conceptual article I couldn’t agree more that money is spiritual in nature In fact the belief system behind money is stronger than most spiritual systems. Even religious institutions depend on tithing to keep their doors open rather than depending on the namesake the rend prayer too.


Thank you for this. I have been re-evaluating my relationship with money and asking myself why I feel that I do not deserve or that I can never catch a break with money. I never seem to have enough and I always seem to be scraping by. All of this I am sick of, and I want to live not survive every day. Surviving is not living, I do not care what anyone says.

I ask myself, why can I not fly first class and stay in nice hotels, and eat nice food and wear nice clothes and travel to the places that I want to and live in a house that suits me? What am I doing wrong, am I doing anything wrong? And how can I change my thoughts, so I can attract the things that I want in my life?

Your article really got me thinking. Thanks again.

Shelly Bullard

So glad it got you thinking, Ahsoka. That’s the first step – to evaluate the ways you’re aligned with the energy of “not having enough.” Thanks for your comment! xo

Josh Brisbane

Great article Shelly. One thing I’d like to add (if you don’t mind) is that a lot of people spend their time worrying about money. Worrying about retirement, next month’s mortgage payment financing their kids’ college tuition, etc. One worry replaces the next as time goes on. There’s a danger in placing too much worry in money instead of trusting in God’s provision for your future. Worrying about money can lead you to trusting in wealth instead of Him. I believe that God will provide for us because he knows we need things (food, shelter, clothes). When we find ourselves trusting in him, seeking His kingdom and His righteousness he’ll supply us with all of our needs according to his riches and glory, including money to buy that first class ticket Ahsoka23 ;)


Hi Shelly Bullard, I enjoyed your article.
I’m beginning to transition into my birth rite of abundance.I’m hopeful and grateful for all new Beginings.
I’d love to take my children to Thailand .I will study Thai yoga bodywork ,
Help the elephants in rehabilitation , and explore new worlds .
I’d like to begin doing yoga retreats with my family. I’m interested in Vietnam and Cambodia as well. Spiritually I know this journey will bring a richness to our world.
Traveling is such a blessing . I hope our journey and happiness will inspire others to
Follow there dreams. This will enrich the lives of others.
Thank you for your advice.

Shelly Bullard

Those are awesome dreams, Beth! I’ve been to the places you mentioned – they’re phenomenal. Feel into the clear vision of those dreams and doors will open to make them realities. Thank you for your comment! xo

Lee Dippenaar

About 7 years ago I changed my old way of thinking, but I recently discovered that I wanted to change those blue prints, and I started changing them again.
It helps alot to hear and read new perspectives and just love to read your emails.
THANKS SO MUCH. We must always remember that we r all connected.

Laurel Holliday

Thank you for this, Shelly. Rationally, I know that having money will allow me greater expansion and ability to share my gift with the others, but somewhere deep inside, I still resist this truth. Yes, I know what the limiting beliefs are, the main one being, “If I have money, the people around me will feel badly about themselves.”

It’s a complete load of crock! Unfortunately, KNOWING something and GROWING past my belief in lack don’t necessarily go hand in hand; my rationale {spiritually based} has, thus far, done little towards liberating me. I believe it’s because because I haven’t been able to find a strong enough, believable argument. These 4 ways provide an alternative perspective that makes greater sense to me and I’m excited to understand and internalize them for my continued growth!


Hi, i love to being spiritual but I can’t decide right know rather i have to follow my dreams being spiritual or forget about look at your self money family takecare of your parents that just can do with the help of need.
Please any kind of view.

Shelly Bullard

Spirituality is in every aspect of life, so you never have to choose between it and something else. You can do anything/everything spiritually.

Witness Acts

Amazing word as i am doing my research how to please God and fulfill my purpode.This was helpful.i love you and God bless you sis


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