Why Women Are Over-Masculinized (& How to Connect to Your Feminine Nature)

Are you a woman who feels stressed, burnt out, hardened, or burdened?

Are you craving to relax, flow, feel sensual, be in your body, and feel juicy and alive?!


Then you’re craving your pure, feminine essence. 

In this video below, I talk about why women today are caught in their rigid, masculine nature, and how to re-connect with your feminine flow, sensuality and beauty once again. Enjoy!



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I have been tomboyish as long as I can remember. I have always been more masculine than feminine. Never bothered feeling too sexual while I am quite sexually active and experimental. But it is never a conscious thing. I just am. My sexuality just is. I have always been busy being my authentic self without trying to define it into category.
Neither do I think fear triggered my masculinity as I grew up in a really equal, open environment at home, school & relatives. In no way do I mean to diminish feminine women. My elder sister is more of that and I admire her thoroughly. But even after being masculine, I have been an open personality, very spontaneous and ready to learn. So, what you say here can be true for some women who have been pressed by circumstances to harden up, I do know a handful of masculine, alpha women who are very emotionally expressive, accepting and take up their lives as women quite naturally. What you mention here is feeling femininity only through the body but is it really that narrow a concept? :)


My God you’re so gorgeous.. ❤ Thank you for teaching me in being in my feminine essence and being magnetic.. Your mini course has given me so much impact internally, I have goosebumps in awe after I completed it.. Big Love Shelly ❤


I would say that being caught up in masculinity is as a result of the patriarchal society and world we found ourselves.
Negative experiences in relationships are causes of this too.

I found this video helpful because it fast tracks the needed healing process and of course helps one to waste no time in letting in something new, better and more beautiful.
Thanks Shelly!

Sharon Register

Thank you for this beautiful message. Always want to be more in tuned with my feminine side.


You’re so on point with this; I’ve seen it happen to someone. I truly hope she finds her way back

Kristine Horton

I never really thought about myself being over masculinized but I agree with you and I would like to start experiencing being more feminine in my daily life.


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