How to Become Irresistibly Attractive

The qualities of masculine and feminine energy exist in all of us. Your inner-masculine gets activated when you're working towards a goal, planning, taking charge, and aligned with your purpose. Your inner-feminine is heightened when you're creating art, enjoying nature, feeling emotions, and living in the flow of life. Neither masculine or feminine energy is superior to the other. In fact, you have to experience both qualities if you want to feel like a whole person.

However, it is also true that each of us identifies more with being masculine or feminine, especially in our romantic relationships. Learning which energy you identify with the most is the key to creating really hot chemistry with your lover.

So, do you identify more with being masculine or feminine? Let's find out…

If you have an authentic feminine essence, then you are turned-on by all things masculine. A person who takes charge, has a purpose in his life, is strong and trustworthy, and moves in the world with direction and confidence. If this sounds enticing to you, then you are definitely more feminine.

If you have an authentic masculine essence, then you are turned-on by the sensual, soft, radiant, unpredictable, feminine. She moves to music, experiences the world through her senses, feels deep in her heart, opens to your love, and can be a little wild at times. Sound good? If so, then you have a masculine essence.

What's important to know is that it's the difference between masculine and feminine energies that creates an attractive charge between two people. In other words, when one person is masculine and the other is feminine, chemistry happens. And the flip side is, it's the same type of energy between two people that causes an attractive charge to fade.

If you and your partner are both embodying more masculine energy (forceful) or feminine energy (flowing) for a period of time, this will make you feel less attracted to one another. You'll either feel competitive, repulsed, or more like friends.

While it's normal for us to have times when our partners feel more like friends than lovers, most of us will not be satisfied in a romantic relationship that feels like friends most of the time.

As humans, we yearn for a deep sense of love, connection and attraction; the experience of being irresistibly drawn to the person you love. This happens when one partner embodies feminine energy, the other embodies the masculine.

The good news is, you can easily make adjustments that will instantly recharge your relationship. Here's how:

For the masculine:

- Discover your purpose and stay true to your path

- Have relentless integrity

- Be present to the moment you are in (practice consciousness)

- Get in touch with your inner-strength and practice staying connected to that place

For the feminine:

- Get in touch with your sensuality

- Spend time in nature (this refills the feminine spirit)

- Indulge in the experiences and flow of life (enjoy the food you eat, the way it feels to walk down the street, the people you come in contact with)

- Feel deep within your heart and express whatever is true

One of the greatest things about playing with the polarity of energy is that when you take on more of your natural essence, your partner is likely to follow (usually without being aware of it).

For example, guys (or anyone with a masculine essence), if you take your feminine partner by the hand and guide her as you walk down the street, chances are she's going to soften into your direction (and she'll enjoy it very much!). In other words, she'll automatically relax into her feminine energy.

And women (or anyone with a feminine essence), if you dance and move in front of your man, he is very likely to become present, focused and pursuing of you. His masculine energy will naturally get recharged.

The feminine entices the masculine, and the masculine entices the feminine. Every time.

The next time you are craving a stronger attractive charge in your relationship, play with these masculine and feminine dynamics. Embody whichever energy feels most true to you, and watch the way your partner becomes drawn to you as a result.

Please leave a comment below about how you most enjoy embodying your masculine or feminine energy. I'm excited to hear how you spice things up!