This is What Makes People Highly Magnetic (4 Qualities)

There are some people who just have it. You know, that thing... They light up a room. Eyes follow them. The spotlight naturally and effortlessly is drawn to them.

What's their secret? I know, and I'm going to tell you.

It's called Soul.

People who embody Soul are irresistible. Seriously irresistible. Like, I-can't-take-my-eyes-off-you irresistible. (Uh huh, it's that good.)

Soulful individuals are always being pursued. People flock to them. They look good, they feel good; they've got that thing.

Guess what? You can have that thing, too. In fact, you already have it. You just have to tap in and let it shine. That's what this article is going to teach you to do.

In my course Manifest Your Love, I teach people how to connect to their souls to become highly attractive in relationships. To give you a taste of that work, here are four soulful qualities that are guaranteed to light up a room. Get ready to turn some heads...

1) Center

The quality of being centered is strong and peaceful; assured and graceful; aligned and free.

It feels heavenly to be around centered people because these qualities are so desirable to us. They also aren't the norm.

We live in a fast-paced, frazzled world, so being a pillar of peace is an oasis in a very dry desert. If you flow with grace and ease, no doubt people will be drawn to flow with you.

So how do you do it?

Easy. You practice.

In my course, I teach people the most effective way to center, and the good news is: there's many ways to do it!

Whether it's meditation (focus on your breath), mindfulness (focus on the now), or just paying attention to what is happening in the present moment, these practices will lead you to embody a sense of calm and ease.

People will notice. It's a slight shift with a big impact. Train yourself to be here now and watch how others respond to your aura of grace.

2) Be grateful

The reason gratitude is paramount in attracting others is because it aligns you with a state of abundance. Abundance overflows - it wants to be shared. When you're overflowing with good vibes, others will flock by your side.

Think about it... How does it feel to be around people who are grateful; people who are happy, free-spirited, and gracious?

Pretty nice, right?

Gratitude outpours. It's light, joyful, and all-around feels good. When you feel grateful you become one with this delectable energy; it's an absolute people-magnet!

Relish in all the beautiful things you encounter during your day, feel grateful before you go to sleep, and be thankful whenever possible. This practice will greatly increase your personal magnetism, guaranteed.

3) Live your truth

People with that thing have confidence. Not inflated confidence; not narcissism. It's a deep confidence. Faith.

They know what they want, and they know that they're going to get it. This type of unwavering conviction is extremely attractive to us because it's what we all want, too.

We all want to know. We all want to be certain. We all want to believe. Therefore, those who live in this manner are utterly irresistible to us.

When someone speaks with conviction, we listen. We may not like what they're saying, but we'll listen. Conviction draws a crowd.

Guess what? You have conviction, too. You may not be aware of it, but you do. It comes in the form of your intuition, your higher self, your truth.

There's a voice that lives inside you; it's not in your head, it resides in your heart. When you listen to this voice you will be guided in the direction you are supposed to go. And as life unfolds the way you want as a result of listening to this voice, you'll have found your truth.

There is not much more captivating than a person on his or her path. Listen to what the real you has to say, then follow through. People will always be drawn to you as a result to being true to yourself.


Love. Just love.

Love your city. Love your home. Love your food. Love your dreams. Love your people. Love.

Love the things that are easy to love, and stretch to love the things that aren't.

When you love - fearlessly love - you beam.

You're a light in the storm. You're a smile in the crowd. You're a breath of fresh air.

Love is that thing.

Involve your heart in all that you do and people will not be able to take their eyes off you.

Please leave a comment below to tell us how you plan on embodying Soul today. Remember, we all benefit from your shine.