The Secret to Finding "The One"

Many people are on a mission to find "The One." We long to be united with the perfect partner... the one who makes us feel enlightened, happy, and whole from the inside-out.

Well, today I have good news for you. That person exists. And this is the biggest secret about finding him or her…

You're it.

Yes… I said you.

You're the person that you'll find completion with. You're the person that you find passion, love, and beauty with.

You're The One.

And when you finally realize this, you'll align yourself to finding the most amazing relationship with another person, too.

Let me explain why…

Many of us are seeking "The One" because we feel like something's missing in our lives. There's a void, a sense of incompletion, a hole.

The logical way we deal with this void is by looking for the perfect solution "out there." Eventually, we may find people or things to fill this void, but the satisfaction is only temporary.

If we don't address our disconnection from ourselves, we'll always return to feeling like something's missing again.

The reason this happens is because of the ego.

You see, we all have two selves - a complete self (the Higher Self, the true self) and an incomplete self (the ego).

Your incomplete self - or ego - is the part of you that feels like something's missing. It tells you, "What you want is out there. When you get it, you'll finally feel complete." 

When we're identified with the ego, this message is playing in the background of our minds all the time. We listen to it and the search for perfect love is on!

We chase. We grasp. We cling. We long. We manipulate. We hope. We pray. We fill.

And… we're still not satisfied. Not for a long, anyway.

Because the nature of the ego is to feel incomplete. So anytime you listen to it's message ("the answer is out there"), you're bound to feeling incomplete, too.

Luckily, there's another self that identifies with wholeness, love, abundance, and happiness within. This is your Higher Self, and when you finally create a connection with it, you'll automatically feel these qualities, too.

So how do you do that? Simple.

Go within to find your truth.

The Higher Self is found through quiet reflection and listening to your inner voice. Meditation, yoga, journalling, and walks in nature are just a few ways that you can sink into the connection with your Higher Self. You'll know that you've found it if it feels like home.

Like a long exhale.

A "finally."

The more you practice connecting to you Higher Self, the more you become identified with it (and less identified with the ego). The message of the ego fades away, and you feel - with every fabric of your being - that you have finally found "The One."

And that's just the beginning...

Because when you find "The One" within you, you finally become prepared to attract the most amazing relationship to you.  

We attract to us what we are on the inside.

When you strengthen your connection to your Higher Self, you become fulfilled, happy, gorgeous, and complete from the inside-out. Your true self shines through!

This shifts everything about your relationships. Suddenly, potential partners that you're attracted to (and that are attracted to you) are people who are fulfilled from the inside-out, too.

I want you to know that you can be deeply and incredibly fulfilled in your love life; the secret is connecting with your Higher Self. The Truth within you.

When you finally do, there will be no doubt in your mind that you have found what you've been seeking this entire time. Turns out, "The One" is you.

Please leave a comment below telling us what practices connect you to "The One" (this can be anything that makes you feel like you're shining from the inside-out). This will help others understand how they can find "The One," too. Thank you!