The Biggest Mistake Career-Driven Women Make in Love

Honey, I know you want it all. And you can have it. You can have a successful business and you can have a hot relationship. But in order for that to happen, you have to know that approaching your man and approaching your business are two completely different endeavors.

In fact, they're opposites. Here's what I'm talking about:


The biggest mistake that modern-day women make in relationships is that we lose touch with our feminine side.

And this makes for a huge problem in love.

By feminine side, I don't mean your outward appearance. What I'm talking about are the qualities that characteristically define the feminine; traits such as receptivity, intuition, heart-centeredness, wildness, creative power, emotionality, and radiance.

It makes a lot sense why women separate from their natural feminine essence. In our society, and especially in the business world, qualities of the masculine are highly revered, while the feminine gets pushed to the side.

We value logic, but not necessarily intuition. We value science, but what about the arts? We value drive, but time for reflection often gets dismissed.

This denial of the feminine becomes highly problematic for women who want it all; because by denying your feminine essence, you are denying the aspect of yourself that is able to receive deep and profound love. 

Let me ask you, what kind of man turns you on? 

Is it a man who is strong, with purpose and drive? 

One who makes plans and follows through? 

One who isn't afraid to take charge of the situation and of you?!

If you're like most women I know, then the answer is "Hell yes, I want a man like that!" Many of us do. Because what I described above is a masculine man, and he is irresistible to the feminine woman.

Have you struggled in finding a man like that? Are most of the men you've encountered unable to step up to the plate? If so, then there's a reason that this is happening for you.

Sweetie, it's likely you're taking on too much masculine energy in your relationship! And it's sabotaging your experience in love.

In your business, yes, by all means let your masculine drive, control and assertion charge forth! Make s#*t happen - I'm behind you all the way! But remember that your relationship is not a business. If you want to be with a man - a real man - then you must allow yourself to relax back into your feminine essence so he can step up to the plate.

In all romantic relationships, a sexual charge is created by the meeting of feminine and masculine energies. The further apart these energies are (the more feminine you are, and the more masculine he is) the stronger the attraction.

That means, in order to heat things up in your relationship, or to find a man that is really going to satisfy your needs in love, you have to get reacquainted with your feminine side. 

Being in contact with your feminine side means learning how to open up and receive from a man.

It means relaxing into the fullness of life, letting your urge to control go. 

It means making space in your schedule for reflection, and taking deep care of your body, mind and spirit.

It means actually letting a man take charge; letting him make the first move, the first text, the first question, the first phone call. 

I believe that we are at a turning point when it comes to romantic love because as you know, the current model isn't working. It's time for a big change, and that change starts with you.

Your relationship is not a business. It is a place for you to feel adored by your man. 

I know how badly you want that, and let me assure you, it can be yours. Get comfortable with your magnificent feminine self, and you can have it all.

Please leave a comment below telling us one way you suspect you are being overly masculine in your relationships, and one thing you are going to do to get reacquainted with your feminine side. I look forward to hearing from you!