5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Wealth-Vibe

The more you increase your wealth-vibe, the more money will naturally flow into your life.

The way I like to think about this is: there's an energetic channel flowing between you and money. This is your wealth-vibe.

The more that wealth-vibe is clear, aligned, joyful (the more it's in a good-state), the more abundance flows to you.

Because of this, an important question to ask is: How do I increase my wealth-vibe? 

Well… it's actually easy to do!

In this article, I give you 5 tips on how to significantly increase your wealth-vibe, naturally attracting more money and abundance to you.

1) Stop trying to attract money. 

Sounds strange, right? Here's the thing: Most people try to manifest money because they feel like they're lacking money.

I want it because I don't have it. 

But the trick to manifesting is actually just the opposite: You can only manifest what you already have. You attract more of what you are.

If you focus on needing or wanting money, it's very likely you're holding your vibration in lack on the subject of money. The easiest way to fix this is to stop trying to manifest money!

Instead of focusing on attracting money, downshift into simply feeling abundant. This adjustment will increase your wealth-vibe, making you a match for more money to flow into your experience.

2) Save your loose change. 

Ok - I know it may sound silly but creating an adult piggy-bank can do wonders for your wealth-vibe. How come? Because when you experience your money growing, you attract more of the same: money growing!

By putting your extra change into a jar everyday, that money will accumulate. By feeling excited about the money accumulating, you're creating a "my money's growing" vibration within you. And you know what that means...

The trick to this exercise is you have to get into it. If you save money in a jar but you don't think twice about it, it's not affecting your vibration. It's the excitement you feel as a result of saving money that really boosts your wealth-vibe.

3) Appreciate 10 things everyday.

Appreciation is the cornerstone of raising your wealth-vibe because it's synonymous with feeling like you have what you desire.

Think about the essence of appreciation for a second. What does it feel like? Some words that may come to mind are full, happy, complete, plenty, enough. 

Appreciation is the state of loving what you have, and because you attract what you identify with, this automatically brings more wealth and abundance into your life.

Consciously choose at least 10 things to appreciate everyday, but do this with heart. When I'm walking down the street, I personally like to appreciate the trees, the spring flowers, the sunshine, and the blue sky. You can appreciate absolutely anything, and it will always increase your wealth-vibe, bringing more abundance to you.

4) Meditate on wealth for 10 minutes a day.

The reality is, we want to attract money because we believe it will result in a specific feeling state. But the good news is… you can start feeling that way today, before the money comes into your life!

When you think about what it would feel like to be wealthy, what words come to mind? Some possibilities are: abundant, free, happy, expansive, generous, relaxed. 

These are all great ways to feel but guess what? They don't require money! These vibrations or feelings are accessible inside of you all the time! When you meditate, you learn to align with these feeling-states.

Make a list of5 - 10 words that describe what it would feel like to be wealthy. Then close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and feel into you heart. See if you can make contact with those feeling states, right here in the present moment. Stay with them for as long you can; in doing so, you are attracting more of these states (and abundance) to you.

5) Know that wealth is a state-of-heart.

"If we don’t know how to get happiness out of five dollars, we won’t know how to get it out of five hundred, or five-thousand, or five-hundred-thousand." Eleanor H. Porter

Wealth is about so much more than money. If you can't feel wealthy without money, you're not going to feel wealthy with money. It's just the truth.

This concept is very hard for us to grasp, but I can tell you that I've personally experienced it in both directions.

There have been times in my life where I didn't have any money in my bank, but I truly felt infinitely abundant. 

And there have also been times recently when I've had a lot of money in my bank and I felt like was poor (you better believe I caught myself in the midst of this lack-mentality and boosted my wealth-vibe immediately!). 

Wealth is a state-of-heart. If you truly understand this, then there's nothing stopping you from creating significant wealth in your life, inside and out.

Please leave a comment below telling us one way you're going to increase your wealth-vibe today. I look forward to hearing from you!