This is the Foundation of Every Relationship

A foundation is the ground that we build upon. Obviously if you want to build something that can weather a storm, it's best to start with a sturdy foundation. So what is the foundation of all relationships? It's the relationship you have with yourself

If your internal foundation is shaky - has cracks and holes (insecurities and negative self-concepts) - then the relationships you build on top of it are going to feel shaky, too.

However, if you move in the world with a solid sense of self, then you're less likely to crumble when things don't go as planned.

And things aren't going to go as planned.

When we're internally insecure, we naturally try to control the people and things around us. Unfortunately, we fail. How come? Because it's impossible to control things that exist outside of you (especially other people)!

Your deepest sense of strength and safety lives within you; this is where your true poise resides. 

So how do you create this type of internal confidence? Simple (but not always easy):

Know who you really are.

When I say this, I don't mean that you know your name and how you like to spend your time (although these things are important). I'm talking about going beyond that - knowing what your true essence is.

Know that you are magnificent.

Know that you are supremely important.

Know that you are worthy.

Know that you are love.

When we know ourselves in a deep, spiritual way, we know that we are much greater than we give ourselves credit for.

Many of us identify with our wounds and faults: "I'm bad at relationships," "I'm not good with money." Or even worse, "I'm not very smart," "I'm not attractive enough."

But these things aren't the truth about you! Not even close! These are your ego's stories - your limited self-concept.

If you identify with your limited self-concept, then naturally you try to get other people to make you feel worthy. 

However anytime you depend on something outside of you to feel secure, you're in trouble...

Because everything outside of us moves and shakes. This is the nature of life.

Rise above that shaking and realize there's a truth that exists beyond all these stories. This is the truth of your soul and it knows that no matter what, you are an amazing person.

Do you make mistakes?


But underneath those mistakes is a desire to do better next time; to let the best version of yourself shine.

Things are going to knock you off course; people are going to try to convince you that you're not that great.

Don't listen to them!

Build your internal foundation. Know who you really are and hold on tight.

Find this inner source of love and don't let go. It will keep you steady through all the changing tides.

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