Shelly Bullard

Surrender into Love.

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Become the love that you are. 

Deep guidance on Spiritual Awakening, Embodiment, & Conscious Relationships.

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  • Deep-dive into the 3 phases of Spirituality: Awakening, Embodiment, and Conscious Relationships
  • Find out exactly what a spiritual awakening is & how to know if you've had one
  • Learn what it is to be a fully-embodied person... someone who lives as Love & is able to create his or her reality
  • Discover the 2 stages of Conscious Relationships... find out where you are on the journey of conscious love and how you can evolve your relationship into a True Sacred Union (the new paradigm of romantic relationships)
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The guides below are introductions to align you with your True Nature as Love so you can create the life and relationships you truly desire.

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  • Discover the most attractive energy there is, and learn how to embody this energy in all that you do
  • Find out the secret of attraction... why we're attracted to certain people, and what makes them attracted to us
  • Embody the magnetism from the inside-out - feel at home, in love, connected and truly aligned with YOU

  • Discover what a trigger really is, and why we get so triggered in romantic relationships
  • Learn the 3 crucial steps to overcome your triggers on the spot... how to return to Wholeness and Love again
  • Feel empowered, aware, and wise the next time challenging feelings surface in your life and relationships

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  • Learn how to naturally attract more wealth into your life, simply by being you
  • Discover 8 simple ways to align with the energy of "Wealth Within," which will naturally attract more physical wealth to you
  • Move out of a scarcity mindset, and into the Truth that overflowing beauty, abundance, potential, and Love is what you truly are
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