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The Awakened Relationship

attract & Create the Highest Potential of Romantic Love

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Hello, Gorgeous. I'm Shelly Bullard.

And there's something I really want you to know...

You are here to live as Great Love. (2).png

Not only to experience Great Love... in your relationships, in your life, in the sense of who you are.


But to actually live AS IT.


To feel Love moving you, dancing you, speaking through you, expressing as you, communing through you with the rest of the world.


Yes, it's true.

You are here to KNOW...
You are here to BE...


Hello, Gorgeous. I'm Shelly Bullard.

And there's something I really want you to know...

You are here to experience Great Love.png

Deep-Heart resonance with a person who sees your deepest Being...

Trust that you feel down through your Soul.

Hot, passionate chemistry - a lover who really turns you on.

An unwavering connection created in Divinity, where two become One.


some call it sacred union;

i call it the awakened relationship...

and I want you to know that this type of love is absolutely meant for you.

In fact, as your heart already knows,

the Highest Potential of romantic relationship is what you're here to do.

I'm honored to show you the way.


My Spiritual Awakening.png

This is called a "spiritual Awakening," and it's a day I will never forget...

The day before my awakening was horrible.
Thanksgiving night. HUGE fight with my boyfriend. Cops had to drive me home because our fighting was so loud and out-of-control (yes, it was that bad).

That night I laid in my bed, extreme shame coursing through my body. I felt awful.

I didn't want to live this way anymore.

AND THat's when it hit.

A new energy... something I'd never felt before.



My articles about conscious relationships, Manifesting, spirituality, & attracting love have been read, resonated-with, & shared by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Here are a few of my most popular:



My programs are designed to teach you how to create and attract the highest potential of romantic love. 


When we come to truly know ourselves as Love, we experience Wholeness, Fullness, Presence, Union, and Connection deep Within.


 We realize that we are Inherently Complete, Just as we are. 

From this Inner Completion, we automatically attract relationships and life experiences that are deeply fulfilling, too.


By embodying Love, we create love.

In all that we do.


My courses will guide you to Embody the Truth of Who You Are.

I'm honored to show you the way.

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