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My work has been featured in MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, The Good Man Project, Cosmopolitan, Omega Institute, Yoga Journal, and David, as well as several other publications, blogs, podcasts, and magazines.

I'm honored to share the message that pours through me.



Become Love... Attract Love.

When you awaken to the Essence of Love that you are...

And you Embody that Love in yourself and your life,

Then attracting love because simple. We attract what we're resonating with... we attract what we are.

In this category of articles, I discuss how to attract Great Love into your life. Remember the Love that you are, and it will lead the way.


There is a new paradigm of romantic love emerging on this planet. It is called: Conscious Relationships. 

This type of love is when two people meet in and as Oneness.

It is the love that we're truly seeking; the love we know we're meant to have. And, there's also a clear process to get there. These articles will guide the way.


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A Spiritual Awakening is when we wake-up to our True Nature as Love. 

It's when we realize that we are not just these bodies... but we are Infinite Source Energy itself. We are the living embodiments of Love. 

Many people are having spiritual awakenings on the planet right now. Since you're reading this, it's likely that you've had one (or are close to having one), too. Otherwise you wouldn't be drawn to my work (that's just how it works). In that, I welcome you. Here's to remembering the greatest Truth - these articles will help you remember the way.


Heartbreak is part of the human experience. It's also one of the MAIN PATHWAYS for us to wake-up and realize our True Nature as Love. 

I've had some of my biggest awakenings about Love in the midst of heartbreak, as have many other spiritual teachers.

Your suffering can be a gateway to your Greatest Realization. I'll hold your hand as we make our way back to Love.


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The Embodied Life is the juiciest life. :)

If you haven't noticed, the True Feminine is Rising right now. This doesn't mean that "women" are rising - it means that feminine energies are rising to balance-out the masculine energies that have dominated our planet for many years.

If you're a woman, it's likely that you desire to feel and re-connect with your feminine-nature even more than ever before. We, as women, crave this. To explore your deep, feminine expression and embodiment, check out the articles and videos in this section. Sister, I'm right there with you.

Once I learned how to successfully manifest relationships and love, I naturally learned how to manifest abundance. 

One of the reasons most of us struggle with both relationships and money is because we carry a lot of FEAR about these subjects.

As we turn towards these fears - uncovering them and re-aligning ourselves to the Light that we are - we can create a whole, new abundant reality for ourselves. These articles and videos will lead the way.

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    Enjoy, love!

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