Overcome Loneliness & Find Your Tribe

People desire to feel connected. It’s one of the most innate aspects of our being.

And yet, even in this time of global connection, so many people still feel isolated and alone. There’s a deep craving to be a part of community and to find your “tribe.”

I have craved that as well in my own life, and this past year I made a breakthrough in finding my community. I finally discovered what was getting in the way of creating a tribe, and I did the internal work to manifest deep friendships I had been longing for.

In this article, I’d like to share my process with you – what limiting beliefs I had to let go of and the mindset I had to build – to attract the the type of friendships my heart has been wanting for a very long time.

I hope that by sharing my path

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Overworking & Hitting Bottom (Again)

I recently hit another bottom in my life. Luckily, this one didn’t involve drugs or alcohol (still sober, 3+ years). But it did involve something I think many of us can relate to:

I hit my bottom with over-working.

After a very full year living in New York City, producing content & courses, and going full-speed, it finally caught up to me. Once again, I could feel things around me crashing down and falling apart (mainly, my natural sense of joy and ease).

This experience was very reminiscent to my first bottom, when I got sober in 2011. This time, I found myself exhausted, in my bed, wondering “What the hell am I doing?”

Why am I working so hard? 
What am I trying to achieve?  
What is my purpose in life?

These moments of reckoning stop us right in our tracks. And it’s there – in the stillness and

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4 Qualities that Spark Desire in Relationships

Desire. It’s that delectable energy that wakes us up, focuses our attention, gets our blood flowing and makes us feel alive!

Desire is one of the most enjoyable human experiences there is – wanting something and anticipating getting it.

It’s the energy that surges us into evolution; desire is at the very core of our existence!

So what are the qualities that inspire the amazing feeling of desire between two people? Last week I had the pleasure of listening to the lovely Esther Perel speak (the author of the revolutionary book Mating in Captivity), and she had some phenomenal tips on the subject.

Below are four qualities that Esther mentioned as being paramount in creating desire in relationships. If your relationship ever starts to feel a little stale (which, of course, is natural from time to time), infuse yourself with these qualities to bring yourself, and your …

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How I Manifested $10K, $20K, & 6-Figures

As you probably know, everything I teach is something I’ve learned on my own path.

The most important thing in my life is my spiritual growth – as I grow into my fullness as a woman, I feel passionate about helping others do the same.

A year ago, I set out to improve my relationship with money – not only because I wanted more money, but also because I was SO OVER feeling disempowered, denying, stressed, and stifled by money.

I wanted freedom.
I wanted an abundant life.
I wanted to experience myself as the full, unstoppable woman that I am!

That meant I had to get my financial-issues sorted out.

So with unwavering faith and a devoted-heart, I set out to transform my relationship with money. And that’s exactly what happened.

In today’s video , I’ll tell you how this process unfolded for me and how I manifested some …

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Why Money is Spiritual

A common, detrimental belief held by the world is that money and spirituality don’t mix.

Money is bad. If you’re spiritual, you shouldn’t want money.

I have to tell you that I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, I’ve found that money and spirituality go very well together.

The reason it’s important to know this is because if we feel (even slightly) that money is bad, we’ll have a hard time creating financial abundance in this lifetime.

We’ll secretly feel like we should keep money at a distance.

We’ll experience guilt when we do make money.

And we’ll never be able to be at peace on the subject of money.

This is no way to live! And it’s definitely not spiritual.

In this article, I’ll give you four examples of why wealth and spirituality are highly-compatible. By understanding that money and spirituality compliment one another, you’ll open the gates …

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