The Secret You Need to Know About Feeling Loved in a Relationship

I know you want to know this secret — how to feel loved by another person, and have his or her love sustain you. It’s simple actually, and probably not what you think.

Love yourself.

Yes, that’s the secret to getting love from others. Love yourself, first.

You see, when you don’t feel enough love on the inside — when you don’t feel good enough, lovable enough, smart enough, anything enough — your default is to try to get someone else to make you feel this way.

You figure, “If he or she loves me, then I’ll feel loved.” Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way.

Trying to secure love on the outside causes us to chase after people and demand their love. But this just leaves us, well, chasing. It will never get you the love you want. (Take a moment to …

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How to be Feminine in Your Appearance

In this Reclaim Your Femininity video, I talk about what the feminine looks like. And I’m pretty sure it’s not what you’re thinking.

Curious? You can watch the 4 minute video right here, and be sure to leave a comment below telling us how you express your femininity:

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What Women Really Want From a Man

Guys, I know women confuse the s#*t out of you. I’ll be the first to admit it: we can be totally and utterly confusing.

But trust me when I say: there is a method to our madness; there are very specific things that a woman wants from a man. And I’m going to tell you what they are.

The truth is, guys, I want you to do well with women. Because when you do well with women, women are happy! And when women are happy, we do well by our men. This is the relationship cycle that we all want to be a part of.

So with that in mind, here are four straightforward things that a woman really wants from a man. Integrate these into your life, and you’ll inspire an incredible woman to glow by your …

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How to Embrace Your Feminine Side

We all, both men and women, have feminine and masculine qualities that define who we are. Your masculine side gets expressed when you are working towards a goal, making progress, getting things done, and pushing forward. Your feminine side gets expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace your creative energy, dance, play and attune to your internal process.

These opposite energies are necessary to embody in order to feel like a complete person. Even though men tend to identify more with masculine energy, it is enjoyable for them to let go to be flexible. And the same goes for women: we tend to naturally enjoy moving with the flow of life, but we also like being clear, directive, and progressive.

It is satisfying for all of us to have outlets for both our masculine …

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