Why Money is Spiritual

A common, detrimental belief held by the world is that money and spirituality don’t mix.

Money is bad. If you’re spiritual, you shouldn’t want money.

I have to tell you that I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, I’ve found that money and spirituality go very well together.

The reason it’s important to know this is because if we feel (even slightly) that money is bad, we’ll have a hard time creating financial abundance in this lifetime.

We’ll secretly feel like we should keep money at a distance.

We’ll experience guilt when we do make money.

And we’ll never be able to be at peace on the subject of money.

This is no way to live! And it’s definitely not spiritual.

In this article, I’ll give you four examples of why wealth and spirituality are highly-compatible. By understanding that money and spirituality compliment one another, you’ll open the gates …

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Why Your Past is the Key to You Manifesting Money

We create our realities from the inside-out. This means your predominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs (often referred to as vibrations) create your experiences in the outside world.

Because of this, your beliefs about money create your reality with money. And most of those beliefs were formed in your past.

In this article, I’ll discuss why it’s crucial for you to understand your past… so you can move beyond the beliefs that are blocking you from wealth, and form new beliefs that will automatically attract abundance to you.

To give you a full picture of what’s going on, I’ll start at the beginning. When you were born, you were a blank slate. Newborn babies don’t have beliefs systems – they don’t think twice about skin color, religion, politics or money. 

Even though this is true, you were born into a family that did have beliefs systems. Anyone who’s been alive …

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Wealth-Vibe

The more you increase your wealth-vibe, the more money will naturally flow into your life.

The way I like to think about this is: there’s an energetic channel flowing between you and money. This is your wealth-vibe.

The more that wealth-vibe is clear, aligned, joyful (the more it’s in a good-state), the more abundance flows to you.

Because of this, an important question to ask is: How do I increase my wealth-vibe? 

Well… it’s actually easy to do!

In this article, I give you 5 tips on how to significantly increase your wealth-vibe, naturally attracting more money and abundance to you.

1) Stop trying to attract money. 

Sounds strange, right? Here’s the thing: Most people try to manifest money because they feel like they’re lacking money.

I want it because I don’t have it. 

But the trick to manifesting is actually just the opposite: You can only manifest what you

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How to Stop Attracting People You’re NOT Attracted To (& Start Attracting People You Are)

I can’t tell you how many men and women have asked me throughout the years about this complex dynamic in relationships:

“How do I STOP attracting people I’m not attracted to, and start attracting people I AM attracted to?” 

Huge topic. Slightly controversial. But so important to understand.

In the video below, I’ll tell you the exact steps I took to overcome the pattern of attracting men I was NOT attracted to (sounds bad, I know… but it happens to all of us), and start attracting the ones I was. Follow the steps I discuss in the video, and you’ll overcome this pattern, too. (Click below to watch the video.)

Now I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, please tell us about your experience with attracting people you’re not interested in, and what you’re going to do to break the pattern. I look forward to hearing from …

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The First Step You Must Take to Manifest Money

You have to power to completely transform your experience with money. And it has nothing to do with getting a new job or boosting-up your resume. It has to do with learning how to manifest money – aligning your internal experience with a wealth-vibration so money gracefully flows into your life.

To many, this seems crazy and impossible. And I get it… if you’ve been living in a state of not having enough for so long, the idea of using your mind and heart to manifest money seems pretty “out-there.”


And because I’m so confident that you can, I want to offer you a friendly challenge – sincerely try the practice I’m about to tell you for 1 week, and THEN tell me it’s not possible to manifest money. The challenge is on! ;) 

Here’s the thing – we are creating our lives from the inside-out. Everything

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