Manifesting Money Made Easy (I’m Serious!)

It’s easy to get caught believing that outside things will complete us.

– We do it with relationships: “When he loves me, then I’ll feel loved and adored.”

– We do it with success: “When I reach a certain status, then I’ll feel accomplished and worthy.”

– And we do it with money: “When I make money, then I’ll feel wealthy.”

The irony is that life actually works in the exact opposite way.

When you resonate with a particulate frequency of energy on the inside (with being loved, with being worthy, with feeling wealthy), you draw experiences on the outside that match that frequency within.

This is exactly what I teach in the The Abundance Course – I guide people to resonate with the frequency of Abundance. And as you resonate with the frequency of Abundance, Abundance (in all forms) has no choice but to show up in your life!

I know. It’s pretty amazing. (To check out more about The Abundance Course, click here.)

In this article, I want to talk about one of the easiest ways for you to get started manifesting more money and abundance into your reality. It has to do with knowing what your true source of wealth is.

I’ll give you a hint: It’s not money.

So what is it?

It’s Source.

Source is your true source of wealth.

Yes, I’m talking about Love, Truth, Presence, All Knowing, Soul, Spirit… and any other word you like to describe the indescribable.

Now if that doesn’t make sense to you, hang with me for a moment while I explain what I’m talking about…

We all have access to a experience/feeling/sensation of infinite abundance, love and freedom within ourselves. This experience (which I call Source) is the truest essence of who we all are. It feels like coming home because that’s exactly what it is – it’s coming home to yourself.

To the Truth of all Truths.

Source (or your connection to love, abundance and fulfillment within) is your one, true source of wealth.

Yes… I’m talking about cash.

How could this be so? Because we’re creating our realities from the inside-out!

Source is the feeling of infinite wealth inside of youand because we create reality from the inside-out, when you feel wealthy within on a consistent basis, you’ll automatically draw more experiences of physical wealth to you. This is simply (and often unbelievably) how it works.

The ONLY reason we struggle with feeling abundant is because we’re convinced that wealth is “out-there!”

This illusion that the feeling of wealth comes from “out there” (not within) causes us to chase money “out there,” because we think it’s going to make us feel wealthy, free, secure and abundant!

And this creates the cycle of feeling like there’s a shortage!

– “I don’t have enough money!”

– “If I had money, then I’d feel safe.” 

– “If I had money, then I’d be free.”

Plain and simple, we’ve created a co-dependent relationship with money. Meaning, we are dependent on money to feel wealthy. And this is HUGE problem because anytime you’re dependent on something outside of you to feel a certain way, you’re stuck feeling like you don’t have enough of that thing.

This leads to more of the same… not enough.

When money is your source of wealth, you automatically feel disempowered by it. Until you return to your true source of wealth within, you’ll be in a constant state of shortage and lack.

So what can you do about all this? Connect to your TRUE Source of wealth!

As you steadily and gradually create a connection to your natural abundance within, physical abundance will make it’s way to you to match your inner state of being. The outside is always a reflection of the inside.

To get you started, here’s a list of 10 easy things you can do to shift your internal connection to wealth:

1. Take a walk in an abundantly beautiful area in nature (nature is pure life-force; pure abundance).

2. Make your home incredibly warm, inviting, cozy, and yummy to be in.

3. Order an awesome cup of coffee or tea and really savor it.

4. Meditate on the feeling of abundance within for 5 – 10 minutes a day.

5. Set your timer for 5 minutes and list all the things you’re grateful for.

6. Create a wealth alter; place sacred, special objects on it and enjoy them often.

7. Notice how fortunate you really are.

8. Wear an outfit that makes you feel hot, sexy, and AMAZING! (go girl)

9. Say “thank you.” A lot.

10. Count your blessings before you go to sleep.

Any action or intention that makes you feel abundant within is strengthening your internal connection to wealth. And this is drawing more financial wealth to you. 

Remember, money is not your source of wealth. Your connection to Source is your true source of wealth.

Feel the inherent abundance of who you really are, and I promise, you will attract more physical experiences of wealth into your life.

Please leave a comment below telling us one way you’re going to connect to a feeling of wealth within you this week. We look forward to hearing from you!



Hi Shelley,
Once again, you have hit the nail on the head and ‘bang’ it goes in! Your ‘voice’ is sincere, and penetrates right to my inner ear which knows all you are saying is tge Truth. I am in the process of watching my queendom grow after really hitting poverty (and realising at that point that I don’t need to claim spiritual poverty to experience humility. In any case, after losing it all, I got what you are saying and am watching it grow back now. Perhaps my fortress needed being completely restructured as the mentality of poverty had been in my family after they lost all wealth in the great depression. That doe not have to be my inheritance though! I hear what you are saying and say YES this is true! I now have my own business and am watching it grow as I grow rich INSIDE!
Greetings from Berlin.


Hi ladies
here in Brasil we’re in a not so comfortable situation right now, economic and politically speaking. But for some time now, I’ve been realizing that if our thoughts are only connected with poverty and crisis our life follows the lead and gives us back what we see. That said, I believe we need to aim higher at all times and keep a health and wealth flow in our minds. This is how we disconnect from the low vibes and continue to feel our inner wealth. And that brings all good things back. Thanks.


wow Lisa! This def gives me so much drive to realize that it does work when you practice it from the inside out! Nice Job!

Shelly Bullard

I love this, Lisa! Thank you for your comment. Sometimes hitting bottom is the best thing that can ever happen to us – from that place we come back stronger and better than before. Much love xo


Hi Shelley,

Thank you for this!
So basically you need a strong belief system, as this is your daily source to connect with and draw your resources. I too believe in this and this what you have written is my confirmation. Do you believe in a faith also? as I believe this is essential to your message.
Sending love


I know this is true. I’m going to restart my gratitude journal and focus on any and all signs of abundance in my life. I must appreciate life (and myself) as though I’m already surrounded by the wealth I seek. :)


I love this and I fully agree! When I especially like the part about cleaning the house
and appreciating what we have because I often find myself doing this!

Angelina Hungerford

Hey there!
Yes I understand loosing it all! I’ve learned to look deep inside me to start all over. So I can relate to your articles. Thank you!


James Cyphers

I get this now! I’ve always done fairly well, as far as income but never seem able to save or keep what I’ve earned! So looking within is what I’ve been forgetting to do! Mine is already here all I have to do is recognize it! I am so very Greatfull for all I have because of his Grace! Thank You Lord! And Shelley!


Hi Shelley,

Very inspiring article. You always seem to Know what to say. Connection to source is the key. Thank You for this article.

love an Light,

Glen Smith

Hi Shelly,
I just became redundant so currently I don’t have a job. I already practice abundance principles so I had already plenty of money in the bank, allocated for various things. I felt a desire to help someone in need. I actually have a separate giving account and the money was there but still I thought ‘when I have another job I will be able to give’. Ultimately though I knew that I also had to let go of that idea. I paid for someone’s rent for a month out of my giving account. It was very hard for them to accept the money and they want to give it back. But that also brought up something in me – am I actually able to accept money where I don’t feel like I deserve it or where I worked for it? This is a harder lesson for me. Source or God wants to bless me just as much as I want to bless this other person only I have to be open to receive it.
Have a lovely day.

Shelly Bullard

Glen – I love this. I LOVE that you are so self-aware that you saw your limiting belief (“I’m not able to accept money unless I work for it,”) which you can now change (because you saw it!) into something like “God wants to bless me as much as I want to bless others” (which, of course, is the deeper truth). So beautiful, so amazing, such great work. Thank you for sharing this with my community – it’s the exact process I’m trying to teach. :)


Thank you Shelly! God Bless You!! No wonder… I have working so hard and my beliefs are so sad.. I have been attracting situation where my account balance is 0.. Missing a flight 2 times… N I ended up paying such huge amount from my pocket… My company didn’t support me… My debts… Oops… The list goes on & on… I have strong feeling and urge from inside… Stop this!!! Enough is enough…. N a powerful voice from within saying I deserve MORE!!! I have taken a huge risk… Resigned my job.. Without a job… Y no idea… Taking this leap of faith!!!

Shelly Bullard

Go GIRL. Rebuild from the inside-out. Know that you are what you believe you are, not what your environment is telling you. If you can learn to define yourself (and not let the world define you), you will become whatever you want.


I’m starting the gratitude again. It worked for me last year. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction as it’s easy to get lost in the maze of Life. Blessings to you.


Some of the happiest people I know are not wealthy at all! Thank you for reminding me that wealth is not necessarily a fat bank account! I will meditate on the feeling of abundance )o(


Just in the process of giving up the : “I don’t have enough money!” “If I had money, then I’d feel safe.” “If I had money, then I’d be free.” and currently starting on the 10 points you have just mentioned and already starting feeling full of wealth and on the right track. A huge thank you Shelly for sharing this and making me feel aware of my own wealth and abundance.


Such a great reminder. I know this, (and also about attracting a healthy relationship) and yet it’s so easy to go back to mean self-talk. Love your no-nonsense and warm hearted reminders. I am grateful!


I am definitely guilty for thinking that my sense of wealth comes from the amount of money I have. I’ve always believed that having money will make me feel wealthy happy, free, etc. I am going to focus on feeling wealthy on the inside. Thank you!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Shelly & everyone else who shared! I am so grateful to be apart of this e-course & to be making it a regular part of my life!
I am going to meditate every day, reconnecting to my Source of abundance & happiness & wealth! I am also going to re-shift my feelings whenever I am feeling down. I lost someone really close to me, so these “down” times come more often then i’d like & I have felt wrong about feeling my “high-vibes. I am going to give myself permission to feel good again, to start attracting a better life; to live! Thank you!!!!

Kristine Horton

Connecting to the abundance within is new to me. I like the article very much and will start. I have the “not enough mentality” you are talking about and it needs to go. You are 100% right to say that it robs you of living a happy life because it truly does. It’s me that needs to change my way of thinking about money.


I have found a way to feel wealthy fast, i use a question wich i repeat, why do i feal so rich/wealthy? This really works, i feel the feelings of being rich/imagining myself in the state i want to be in, fast. Imagine yourself asking the question: why do i feel so rich? Constantly all over, your unconsious answers your call. I have seen amazing things manifest in my life, by focussing on the feeling, combined with intense emotion.
The more intense the emotion, combined with visualising it as you want it, the faster the manifestation, i have manifested almost imediately doing this.
Focus on the feeling because like neville said: feelings are the secret


And i found out that belief/ faith is something that is programmable through self hypnosis wich was quit a big brake-through for me also. But you are rigth on everything you say here, keep up the good work.


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