Due to the private and intimate nature of our work together, I have kept some of my client’s identities confidential. Here’s what some of them have said about working with me/ my courses: 

“Your eCourse is amazing. It is absolutely brilliant. There couldn’t be a better next step for me. What it got me to do was sit down and physically put what I desire on paper. It has been manifesting within me for some time and your eCourse is connecting it all for me ….my thoughts, dreams, desires to my heart. I absolutely love what you have created. It just keeps getting better and better. Thank you, Shelly, for using your divine gifts and sharing them with the world.” ~ Karen


“In 4 sessions with Shelly, I broke off a relationship that I felt caught in, but was no longer working for me, and I created what I really wanted. Despite being in the toughest romantic situation I had ever been in, I felt more confidence and trust in love than I ever had before. A few weeks later I met a man who is everything I had been wishing for for 4 years. We are deeply in love. Words cannot express my gratitude — Shelly is the real deal.” ~Adelma


“Shelly’s Manifest Your Love course is hands-down the most targeted and focused material I have encountered to date for the individual seeking a life fulfilled with love. Shelly has developed and assembled material that provides laser focus on self-love, -caring, -acceptance and -esteem. I have taken a number of courses that run the gamut from body acceptance, to sexual healing, to self-love and finding peace within oneself.

Shelly has beautifully nailed it, with both precision and caring.  By delicately slicing lessons into manageable fifteen-minutes modules, she has made the material extremely approachable, for both the newbie and the more seasoned life’s wisdom student. She layers the information bit by bit to build confidence in one’s ability to truly use the insights and lessons, providing reinforcement and a progressive increase in the new way of seeing oneself in the world.

There is plenty of wisdom here, all pulled together in a layout that is completely un-intimidating. I have friends of a certain age that I have encouraged to take this course, as well as teenage nieces for whom the information and lessons are both appropriate and invaluable. I would be hard-pressed to think of any woman for whom this course would not be helpful and enlightening. And I can feel Shelly’s presence and caring throughout the material.” ~ Mary-Lou


“I had the pleasure of working intensely with Shelly over four weeks and during that time, she aided immensely in my ability to understand how to embrace my feminine side. She also guided me through the discomforts of my ‘old story’ emerging, and I developed a real understanding of how I had been communicating in past relationships. After our work together, I shifted to a place to be able to receive love and waited patiently for the relationship to unfold.  I am presently in a very healthy, happy partnership with open + honest communication.”


“I just finished your e-Course and it honestly changed my life. And – I just wanted to share because I know you’ll like this – there I was in the grocery store 2 days ago, and a complete stranger came up to me and asked me out! He was perfectly handsome, too! I haven’t been asked out in over a year, so I know your course has everything to do with it. Thank you, Shelly.” ~Angie


“In my former life, before I worked with Shelly, I was a dependent, lonely, empty person with no vision, with no sparkle in my eye and no connection to my soul. I needed help, I needed Shelly. Being miles apart, Shelly taught me how to think with my heart and how to reconnect with my inner voice. Her energy, her wise words and her support made me feel safe and made me confident, so confident that I have changed my life to an extent where I am actually moving continents. Even though I have completed my course with Shelly and I feel I can conquer the world on my own, I still and always will have Shelly’s voice (and her laugh!) at the back of my mind asking me the right questions, making sure that what I am doing is in line with my inner truth.  I recommend Shelly to all those lonely souls. Once you reconnect, you are reborn. Thank you Shelly so much, you gave me a key to a new life, to a life where the grass is always green.” ~ Nigora


“Shelly guided me to take a long, deep look inward to see how my story and self-perceptions were affecting my relationships. After I became really aware of that, I started to focus on love — loving myself first and foremost, then loving others more intensely as a result.”


“Because of my work with Shelly, I softened, became hopeful, and dropped my defensive outlook. When this happened, I noticed that people – men in particular – became much more warm and engaging with me. And that felt amazing.”


“Shelly is amazingly talented. After only a few sessions with her I had some major breakthroughs. I struggled with overdoing for everyone else in my relationships for most of my life. Working with Shelly got me to places I’ve never been before. Finally I feel empowered in love – like I can recognize, ask for, and receive what I want from myself and others. Shelly offers the perfect combination of compassion and a kick in the butt! I can’t thank her enough – everything has changed.” ~ Christine


“Since working with Shelly, I feel more grounded in my feminine space and have a greater understanding of how to interact with a man in a way that he can stay a man. I’ve been able to be more of my authentic self and speak to what I need. Overall, I feel much more optimistic that I know what to do in a relationship and am no longer so afraid of doing the wrong thing.”


“What I liked best about working with Shelly is she has incredible insight into relationships. She helped me clear up a lot of the grey areas where I was wondering ‘what’s going on here?'”


“I was hesitant to get coaching from Shelly because I wasn’t able to meet her face to face, but I’m so happy I decided to go for it. I am beginning my journey deep within, learning how to love myself, experiencing spiritual transformation and growth.”


“What I learned from Shelly in just a few sessions is hard to even sum up in words. First and foremost I learned how important it is to infuse myself with self-love on a daily basis. I have gained such clarity around what I want in a relationship and more importantly, that I am worthy of this great love. I feel relaxed about finding my next partner (I can feel that it will happen soon) and have fully embraced my divine feminine energy. I have Shelly to thank for this.” ~ Leah


“Working with Shelly helped me attract more masculine men and set boundaries to weed out those who do not meet what I’m looking for. I feel much more confident in myself and my feminine essence.”


“I had reached a point in my life where I was so tired of living the same patterns that any amount of money would have been worth getting support. My initial session with Shelly ‘sealed the deal’ because she zeroed-in on the exact areas I needed to work on.”


“In the past, in the midst of some sort of relationship struggle (or the struggle with the a lack of relationship in my life) I would always look at the outside circumstances and analyze what it was that I was doing ‘wrong’ and try to fix it. Manifest Your Love is instilling in me that trying to change the outside is not the way to creating what I want.

As soon as a struggle or challenge comes up for me now, I’m learning to go inside immediately first and work on how I am feeling about ME. And almost magically (although it’s not always easy) it effects the outside situation. I’m learning to let go of a lot of anxiety about myself and relationships and trust more now – knowing that as long as I take care of myself and work on my own happiness and vibration, the other things really do take care of themselves.

This has been a really powerful shift for me. Thank you, Shelly!” ~ Belle


“For anyone who needs a sounding board that makes her/him feel more sane and ‘normal,’ Shelly is the right lady. Her matter-of-fact and loving way made her the perfect coach for me.”


“From taking this course, I found out that my own limiting beliefs are the major show stopper in my love life, and in my life in general. I found out that I’m not in touch with my feminine side at all, and that I have commitment issues. This discovery changed my life, I started working on myself, and I have to say that since I started this journey, I’ve never been at more peace with myself.

I finished the program, and I restarted it again because it keeps aligning me with my true desires, and every step helps resolve a pending issue. I don’t know if I will find love tomorrow or in a year, I don’t know if my love is already around waiting for me to be ready, or he’s still not around yet, but I know he will come as soon as I’m ready to take him, and together we will overcome any other issues I might have now or in the future.

This program changed my whole being and gave me a clearer perspective on the purpose of my life. I’m in love with myself now, and I think I’m ready to fall in love with my future partner very soon.” ~ Shaimma


“I really love your eCourse: Manifest your Love! I am now almost three years in a relationship and this course really helped me to connect to myself, which made me see new, beautiful things in my relationship, too. Because the exercises are so easy to do, I can implement them effortlessly in my daily life. And I realized that this course also helps me to see the patterns I have with money! This course is one of the best investments I ever made in myself!” ~ Zafira


“Shelly was more effective than any of the 4 counselors/ psychologists that I previously worked with! She was more real.”


“Shelly has such a warm spirit. She is straightforward and loving, and speaks in a way that is totally understandable.”


“I have benefited greatly from working with Shelly. I feel less heady about dating and have a better grasp of what I’m looking for and how to ‘be’ in a relationship so that I’m getting what I deserve.”


“I really like the shared connection that I have with Shelly. I feel like we have shared a lot of similar opinions and experiences, and I enjoy hearing and learning from hers. I also really like that I can be very real and honest about how I feel, and about what I agree with and what I disagree with.”


“I LOVED having someone who speaks about attracting a man not from the playing-the-game sense, but from the honoring the feminine and masculine space instead.” 


“I’ve been on a journey of healing myself this year – this course added a lot to what I’ve been learning about myself in relationships. What it’s teaching me is it’s all about self-love and how that’s a direct reflection of our own romantic relationships. In order to have the best relationships, we have to love ourselves and understand ourselves. It is scary but so worth it. Thank you for offering the course – I’m thankful I was able to take it!” ~ Carolyn


“Because of working with Shelly, I feel like I can do what I need to do to move forward and fully embrace what I want.”


“Shelly helped me work through a relationship crisis in a loving way. I would certainly recommend her to anyone going through turmoil in their relationship.” 


“I was hesitant to work with Shelly because I wasn’t sure how many sessions I would need, but I quickly saw tremendous changes! I learned how to relax more and stop assuming the negative. Understanding that my partner’s actions aren’t always about me was a huge eye-opener.”


“I was concerned about the cost of working with Shelly, but I gained so much from doing so. I am happier, I can connect to the love inside myself so much easier, and my relationship is working like a charm.”


“Shelly is the first person on my ‘to recommend’ list. She helps people understand themselves on a deep emotional level.”


“I was concerned about working with Shelly because being overseas, I couldn’t have a ‘tangible’ session. Having said that, once I had one session with her, I no longer had further hesitation to purchase again.”


“Working with Shelly helped me take the focus off my relationship with a man, and put it back onto my relationship with myself. This was exactly what I needed to work on.”


“Since working with Shelly, I’ve become more confident in my relationship and more self-loving. I no longer need my partner to fill the void in me, I have learned that I’m responsible for filling that void myself.” 


“Shelly is very honest. And quite often in times of ‘slump’ we need someone to pull our head out of the sand!”


“Since working with Shelly I started to notice a more mindful existence in my life. I felt like my work with her and reading ‘A Return to Love’ were such a beautiful unison and both inter-twined very nicely. I often think about things she taught me and guided me through, and apply them to my daily life.”


“Shelly understands the spiritual side of love.”


“I am so very grateful for Shelly. She made my life better.”


“I was hesitant to work with Shelly because I didn’t have a lot to go on and I didn’t know what to expect. In just a few weeks, she guided me in taking steps towards becoming more open and less fearful.”


“Shelly is the most heart-centered person I have had the pleasure of working with!”


“I am getting so much out of  Shelly’s Ecourse: Manifest Your Love. The daily readings and exercises have allowed me to create a sacred time in my morning. I’ve learned that until now, I haven’t been clear on what I want in a relationship. At first it felt uncomfortable to do what the course suggested – to claim what I truly desire in love. But now I understand that this resistance is the very thing that keeps me from the life I want to create! Fully showing up for this course means I’m fully showing up for myself and my life! Her beautiful writing is a lovely companion to this journey which makes me feel very supported and held. Thank you, Shelly!” ~ Carolyn


“I just started working with Shelly but I’m already understanding what it means to live in love.”


“I have learned the importance of self-love and forgiveness. I have learned to accept my emotions as they are, not to fight them, and as a result I am much happier and able to let go of my emotional struggles much quicker.” 


“I now have greater trust in myself and how I feel.”


“I was originally worried about the expense of working with Shelly but she was able to work with me and find a cost and frequency of sessions that was really comfortable.”


“Shelly is extremely patient and I appreciate her real world advice.”


“Working with Shelly taught me that I’m not alone, that other folks struggle with like situations, and are often able to overcome them.”


“Shelly helped me realize that I need to be more authentic with myself and in my relationship. She taught me that it’s ok to express how I’m feeling to my partner.”


“Since working with Shelly I have made some big changes in my life.  I’ve become more spiritual, and confident in myself and my relationships with the people around me.”


“This course has allowed me to awaken to, on a deep and intuitive level, the idea that having exactly what I want requires becoming and experiencing exactly what it is that I want, while also doing the divine dance of surrender and trusting in the universe. I have learned that self-love and nourishment are key to developing an amazing relationship, a concept that conflicted with the feelings of compromise I was experiencing before. This process feels comforting, deeply healing, and intuitive.

What I love most about the course is that it’s guiding me to develop an organic feeling of completeness. l continue to develop and embrace the attributes that I am seeking in another person, while living from a place of self-love. I love how it has aligned me with my truth, how at ease I feel, and how this seems to be effortlessly magnetizing what I want without a feeling of reaching/attachment.

I’ve broken through old patterns and beliefs that were keeping me blocked from the love that I wanted. I am finally able to authentically believe that what I want will come into fruition, and that I am worthy of exactly that.” ~ Erin


“I would recommend working with Shelly. She has wonderful insight into partnerships, and how to express yourself to your partner.”


“Shelly is very compassionate, listens well, and accepts me exactly where I am. She shares her own experience, strength and hope with me which is very powerful.” 


“I am more at peace with my current situation, and with where I might be one day. Shelly helped me gain perspective.”


“Working with Shelly is worth every penny!”


“Shelly has a great combination of patience, passion, intelligence and empathy. She is a great listener and really understands the emotional needs of others.”


“I like working with Shelly because I don’t feel judged for mistakes, and her casual style makes me feel at ease. I feel like I’m talking to a very wise friend.” 


“This eCourse, Manifest Your Love, has brought me comfort and hope at a time when I needed it most. I am really impressed by the subtle yet powerful steps that Shelly has laid-out. I find myself racing to the course every morning, applying the guidance and suggestions throughout the day. I can certainly say, my heart is healing as a result; I’m enjoying and loving myself more and more, and looking forward to what’s to come as a result.” ~ Christina


“I have two giant sticky notes on my laptop that are full of great quotes that Shelly has given me. She has pointed me in the direction of many helpful books and authors, such as A Course in Miracles and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.”


“Working with Shelly is teaching me how to live from my heart.”


“Because of my work with Shelly, I now understand myself and my relationship a lot better. I understand things from the past a lot better and most importantly, I no longer dwell on the past.”


“I always felt lighter after my conversations with Shelly. She helped me focus on what I needed to do to move forward.” 


“Shelly told me things I needed to hear, things which confirmed what I already knew deep down inside and which I was afraid to speak out about.”


“I have been working with healing and other therapy forms for 16 years. But when I started on your e-course something new happened. I discovered how strong self-belief is. I saw, what you focus on, you become.

Your course is a perfect mix of healing techniques. Now I have a new feeling of love and warmth in the area where my heart is. I’m also visualizing men arriving in my life (warm, positive, funny, social, clever, openminded, men respecting me, men I feel safe with).

In the last few weeks I’m attracting men that I normally wouldn’t attract (one in a singles group, one during a ride-share – it ended up in several hours of funny sms’s back and forth, and a coffee date). I’m also attracting more positive people, and I’m beginning to clean up my friendships. It’s like people with a low level of energy and mood are no longer serving my purpose in life.

Shelly, you are in my heart. Thank you for this course!” ~Sidsel


“Working with Shelly helped me become more mindful and understanding of my patterns and behaviours. It’s interesting, when I start to notice myself slip back into past habits, now I can quickly identify and change the thought process.”


“Shelly is such a great, empathetic listener and supporter who can provide helpful advice and guidance to take you where you want to go.”


“Shelly helped me gain more awareness and confidence in interpersonal relationships and life.”


“Although it was over the phone, I felt relaxed in a very short time working with Shelly. She helped me understand the nature of love.”


“Having only completed a few weeks of Shelly’s e-course, I have already noticed a huge positive change in my thinking. The lessons everyday are engaging and seem to always be what I needed to work on at the time. Although I initially hesitated to spend money on a course, I knew within a few days it was absolutely the best thing I could have done. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to better understand themselves and their relationships.” ~ Angela


“Shelly helped me move down the correct path.”


“I think Shelly is helpful for people beginning the process of opening their hearts. I never knew how much I was protecting myself before I spoke to her. I now see the benefit of taking risks.”


“My biggest concern before I started working with Shelly was that she wouldn’t be able to recognize the patterns going on in my life; that she would put me through a bogus set of questions. But, I was wrong. Shelly has a refined ability to associate my thoughts with my feelings. She helped me see what’s right in front of me, and she helped me understand what I really want.”


“5 sessions with Shelly helped me more than 5 months of therapy!”


“Shelly seems to understand me more than anyone ever has.”


“Shelly is a love genius. I’m pretty sure she’s channeling wisdom from a Divine Source because she’s so connected to the truth.”