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I believe we're called to each other...

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I’m not even slightly exaggerating when I say that the day I discovered your work was the day that my entire life changed. I cannot thank you enough!
— Darcy, U.S.
I feel so much more confident in so many ways. Thank you Shelly - this is an absolutely brilliant course!
— tara, u.k.
Not only did I start to naturally and effortlessly have the most pleasant and positive outlook on life, but others started having the most pleasant and positive reactions to me as well.
— Ann, U.s.
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I just want to say THANK YOU for your guidance. I’ve been with the most amazing man since November; he’s so loving, kind, funny, and more than I ever thought was possible for me. I am beyond happy.
— Michelle, U.S.
OMG, I recently started The Abundance Course and I’m already on fire. I’ve never enjoyed an online course so much! Clear energy, easy flow, and powerful shifts from the get go. Thank you!
— Jennifer, Scotland
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This feels so surreal but I knew the moment I started reading your writing that you embody the energy that I want for myself. Thank you so much for the work that you do!
— Mary, U.s.
Thank you for this beautiful, transformative course. It’s causing a metamorphosis within me - I love it and it brings me clarity every day.
I have to tell you that this course is the best investment I’ve ever made in my life! The way it’s changed my life feels almost magical. I started shining again, the Universe became my friend again, men are orbiting me again, I’m so powerful and I feel Divine.
— S.A., Eygpt
I just finished your eCourse and it honestly changed my life.
— Angie, u.s.
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I feel the truth of this in my bones! Money has come into my life in a different way every single day since I started the course - it’s incredible!
— chelsea, u.s.
This course changed my life. It made me understand how powerful it is to love myself from the inside-out, and it’s given me so much peace and happiness
— ngd, u.s.
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Shelly’s Manifest Your Love eCourse is hands-down the most targeted and focused material I’ve encountered to date for the individual seeking a life fulfilled with love.
— Mary-Lou, U.s.
I can’t even express how much of a difference this course has made in my life. It was the guiding hand that helped me out of the lost, love-despair space I was stuck in.
— Summer, u.s.
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Shelly is a love genius. I’m pretty sure she’s channeling wisdom from a Divine Source because she’s so connected to the Truth.
— Kirsten, U.s.
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A few weeks later I met a man who is everything I had been wishing for for 4 years. We are deeply in love. Words can’t express my gratitude - Shelly is the real deal.
— Adelma, U.S.
I’m 2/3 done with your course and I can’t believe how much better I feel about myself!
— leanne, australia
What I love most about the course is that it’s guiding me to develop an organic feeling of completeness.
— Erin, U.s.
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Taking The Abundance Course has been life-changing for me.
— christine, u.s.
Shelly, I’m fully embracing your eCourse - I look forward to it everyday. Thank you so much for this loving gift.
— peggy, u.s.
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Manifest Your Love is helping me be the happy, confident, attractive and carefree woman that I already am. A gorgeous woman!
— Samantha, Hong Kong
Friends, family and coworkers reinforce that there’s something different about me since taking your course. They can’t quite put their fingers on it but they see good things
— andie, u.s.

... That we're guided exactly where we need to be to find ourselves again.

xo, SB 

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This course changed my whole being and gave me a clearer perspective on the purpose of my life. I just finished it and I’ve never been at more peace with myself.
Although I didn’t fully expect that love would come into my life as a direct result of this course, I stayed open and committed to doing the exercises. Then three weeks later, a wonderful man walked into my life!
— Rachael, u.s.
I’ve been working with other healing and therapy forms for 16 years, but when I started your eCourse something new happened. I discovered how strong self-belief is. I saw that what you focus on, you become.
Shelly is the real deal. Generous, kind, and helpful - she practices what she preaches.
— Monica, U.S.
This course guided me to attract my dream job! I had this crazy moment when I was working with my new team the other day and I realized this was the exact scenario I had been intentionally calling-in. Even the chairs we were sitting in had been in my vision!
— Hilary, U.s.
Your course is amazing. It’s absolutely brilliant. There couldn’t be a better next step for me.
There is truly no way to capture in words how much this course has helped me. Since taking this course, I manifested a new job that pays $12K more per year (with less hours), freelance work that I love, I’m managing my money for the first time ever. I’ve worked with financial planners, friends and financial software - guess what? None of that helped! This course has brought me to a new place of feeling EMPOWERED with money. Thank you Shelly - we are so blessed to have you
— Rachel, U.S.
Thank you for showing me what it means to be beautiful - in every sense of the word.
— Karen-Ann, U.s.
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Shelly is a light. With her huge, brave heart she leads and supports you to become the best possible you, and reach whatever your heart and soul desires. I love how she’s walked the path herself and teaches from the earth of her being with love, passion, and fun.
— Mytrae, U.s.
I recommend Shelly to all those lonely souls - once you reconnect, you are reborn. Shelly taught me how to think with my heart and listen to my inner voice. Thank you Shelly, so much. You gave me a key to a new life - a life where the grass is always green.
— Nigora, Dubai
Money used to be an uncomfortable area for me to look at. Shelly’s intentional, compassionate, soulful, spiritual approach supports me to look at these patterns that I’ve avoided for a long time. And - as I expected - abundance has been showing up in so many ways since I started the course...
— Carolyn, U.s.
If you are going through any struggles - whether that’s overcoming blocks or manifesting a relationship, career, or money - I highly recommend you get to know Shelly. She’s the woman to help you OWN your power.
— Fern, U.S.
I’m successfully manifesting a ton of abundance into my life recently, no doubt due to your amazing course! I received a new job offer and in just a week, I started making double my current salary!
— Taylor, U.S.
This course has been transformative in creating abundance in my life - my world is so much more abundant than it was a few months ago.
— Amanda, U.s.
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This course completely flipped my world. I thought I was signing up for a course about money, but it turned out to be so much more than that. What I got was an awakening - a deep understanding of who and what I really am, which means abundance is always available to me.
— Petra, u.s.
I love how Manifest Your Love taught me how to experience peace and love in my heart, allowing me to savour positive qualities. It wasn’t just an interesting read - the lessons activated my heart and spiritual energy greatly
Beyond everything, I feel more incredible than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I’m currently just beginning week 3 and already I’ve called-in a new job I wanted, new private practice clients, money, compliments, gifts, and a free class! ‘Wow’ is all I can say.
— Darcy, U.S.
The greatest thing about this course is having Shelly hold your hand along the way and tell you, ‘You’re not alone and girl... you can do this!’
I struggled with over-giving in my relationships for most of my life. Shelly’s work got me to places I’ve never been before
— Christine, U.s.
I’m so grateful that this course goes to the CORE of what makes us abundant so we can experience it in all aspects of our lives. I have loved this course from the very beginning - thank you so much Shelly, for such a powerful course!
— javi, Chile
It felt like Shelly shined a light into the dark corners so I could see my own light. Her knowledge is clear; her course, like a roadmap
I’ve learned how important it is to become infused with Love everyday. I’ve gained such clarity about what I want in a relationship and more importantly, that I am worthy of great love.
— leah, u.s.
The teaching Shelly offers allows for the integration of our deeper truths. She masterfully creates a space for your own inherent wisdom to come through.
— Karen, U.s.