Shelly Bullard

My Journey into Love.

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I’m Shelly Bullard.

On November 25, 2011, I had a

Spiritual Awakening

For me, that spiritual awakening was a “waking up” to my true nature as wholeness… oneness… Grace… & effortless perfection.

It was (& still is) the recognition that, yes, while I am this person... with a name, a body, living this particular life... that's not the real truth about me.

The REAL Truth about me is something SO VAST, SO WIDE, SO HUGE it cannot be explained simply by words.


So yeah... that was a big day. ;)


For me, this Spiritual Awakening arose out of a

Dark night of the soul.png

The night before my Awakening was horrible. I was drunk, resentful, and had a HUGE fight with my boyfriend at the time.

Laying in bed, barely sleeping, I hit a new low within myself.

A “bottom,” as they say. 

I was filled with so much shame and guilt for who I had become... that I'd hurt someone I cared so much about.  

I just felt DONE.

Done with being who I was.
Done with living my life this way.
Done with feeling awful, out-of-control, and confused.


And that's when it hit. 

At the bottom, in the darkness... something unexpected was there...

Something I can only describe AS grace. 

A deep, deep knowing Within that had a message for me:

"You, my love, are so much greater than this... You are TRUTH embodied... and it could never not be this way. Follow me and I'll show you a life beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed before. Follow me and I’ll show you what you really are. Which is Love." 

This was the moment that LOVE Consciously Awoke within me.

While I had no idea what happened to me at the time, I'd soon realize that this was the moment that would change everything.

From that day forward, the Recognition of Love as the Ultimate Truth has never left me.

And yet, it was still just the beginning of my journey into Love...

dark night of the soul.jpg

After a Spiritual Awakening occurs, what naturally follows is called:


Embodiment is when the awakened sense of Self (or awareness of yourself as Love) starts to settle into your body and live through you.

In many ways, you can say that an Awakening is the Ascension part of the process - rising out of separation-consciousness, into a knowing of Oneness as the Ultimate Truth.

And Embodiment is the Descension part of the process...

bringing the awareness of Oneness back into your body, life, relationships, & everything you do.

The most distinctive quality of Embodiment (for me) is that it


Real good. 

often it feels orgasmic. 

The reason is because Truth wants nothing more than to LIVE THROUGH YOU!

And this is what Embodiment is all about.

Living, walking, being, doing, is-ing LOVE.

Fully embodied.png

As a woman, my process of embodiment has meant LIVING IN MY FULLNESS.

Authentically moving, 

Authentically feeling, 

Authentically speaking,

Authentically dancing, 

Authentically BEING,

In all that I do. 


The Fully-Embodied Woman lives in True Authenticity with Herself.

ALL of herself

ALL expressions of who and what she is...

wild, compassionate, undone, poised, ecstatic, joyful, confused, orgasmic, connected, angry, fierce, sensual, devastated, gorgeous, powerful...

All paradoxes!
All expressions of Life!

ALL is allowed to flow through her.

Nothing gets left out.

Nothing is cut-off.

She is REAL, living in full-alignment with her deepest truth. 

How could this level of acceptance not feel good?

I have been in the Embodiment process for 6 years now. During this time, the KNOWING of myself AS LOVE has expanded so wide... has sunk so deep. 

My identification with ego (the separate sense of self, which is the root of all suffering), continues to dissolve as LOVE takes me over.

And I Surrender to IT.
over and over again.

Day by day,
More and more,
In all that I do,
In all that I am,

Oh yes, I know



fully embodied woman.jpg

As we move through Awakening & Embodiment, the next phase naturally becomes:

Conscious Relationships

Conscious Relationships are the new paradigm of romantic relationships that are just starting to emerge on this planet.

This type of romantic-relating is grounded in True, Authentic:

and Love.

The old paradigm of romantic relationships is based primarily on fear. In this paradigm, we believe that it's a partner's job to complete us... to make us feel whole.

This, of course, causes a huge mess because if we don't feel whole within ourselves, we cannot manifest wholeness in our lives or relationships. Most of my work up until this point (with myself and others) has been about dissolving the paradigm of separation and fear, and re-uniting with the Love that we are.


As we continue to unite with love, the old, unsatisfying way of relating will continue to break down. 

And in this break down, a new relationship will emerge...

Yes. it is the dawn of Next-Level Love.

My Spiritual Awakening (9).png

If we're being honest, Sacred Union is the type of relationship we all deeply desire. 

It's the relationship where we no longer have the fantasy that another person will complete us or make us whole...

Instead, it's a relationships in which we Meet In Union - in Oneness - in knowing ourselves and the other, as we truly are.

We meet - and are met - as the embodiments of Love.


To create Sacred Union, we can't get ahead of ourselves. There is work to do.

Starting with Waking up to Love within yourself. As you now know, this is called a Spiritual Awakening. 

Next, you must Embody Love in all that you do.


And as you deepen your own Awakening & Embodiment, you will naturally meet in the Ultimate Union with another person.

For myself, it has been a HUGE process to unravel the old, ego-based conditioning in order to show-up in relationship as TRUE LOVE. This is a journey that I'm still on but I must say, I've made a ton of progress and I know what's coming next.

If you're ready to dive deep into this path, I encourage you to check out my Free eBook: How to Become the Most Attractive, Irresistible Version of Yourself - click here

Awaken to what you are.
Embody what you are. 
Unite as you are.

love, in the end, is the only destination there is.