You are the answer you’ve been searching for - in love, relationships, wealth & life

You, my beautiful friend, have the power *so much power* to relentlessly claim who you’re meant to be and manifest the greatest love of your life.

Below you will find my signature manifesting programs that will guide you to manifest marriage, an amazing relationship with a specific person, and money beyond your wildest dreams.

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Your inner world will create your outer reality.

(It’s not magic, it’s remembering your power.)


Settle into this sacred space like it’s an extra cozy cashmere blanket. This is a space where you can practice EMBODIED manifestation to become the person who is married, chosen, loved, adored.

And it’s not just about manifesting a partner – it’s about experiencing love. Profound, unconditional love for yourself, the foundation for breaking free from limitations and manifesting your deepest desires.

It’s about living in the end and realizing that the power to create your life is nestled deep within you already.

I’m here, with a playful sparkle in my eye and a heart full of lessons learned the hard way from heartbreak, ready to walk beside you on this exquisitely imperfect, occasionally clumsy pathway of becoming who you’re meant to be.

In this space, you’re not just manifesting for 30 days and then “hoping for the best,” you’re building a practice that will hold you (and the future versions of you) over your lifetime.

This course is your opportunity to redefine your love life. It's structured, interactive and filled with real-life examples, workbooks and exercises. Plus, you'll have access to a supportive community and my personal insights and strategies.

Forget “attracting” – you have the power to embody your deepest desires, swinging from the limitless possibilities of ‘what if’ to the unshakeable foundation of ‘I am.’

Each choice you make in this space is a step towards manifesting the greatest love of your life from a deep place of inner knowing and self love.

Are you ready to manifest a life rich in meaningful relationships, self love and effortless abundance, grounded in your deepest knowing?

This is your moment to choose the path that resonates most deeply with you.

Explore the courses below and select your own manifestation pathway.



The “I Do” Manifest Marriage Course

Are you ready to transform your love life? Introducing the "I Do" Manifest Marriage Course, a unique 6-step Embodiment Pathway designed to help you fall in love with yourself and manifest a partner or spouse who adores, desires and fully commits to you, in a year or less.

Imagine a life where you no longer chase love but attract it effortlessly. This course is a blend of my personal experiences, psychological expertise and deep understanding of manifestation techniques.

I've been where you are, and I've walked the path to a fulfilling, committed relationship. Now, I'm here to guide you on this transformative journey.

The "I Do" Manifest Marriage Course is more than just a program – it's an immersive experience that includes:

1. Embodying the Experience of Being Married Now: Dive deep into the core principles of manifesting marriage and start believing in its possibility for you this year.

2. Becoming a Life-Long Partner: Embrace your Self Concept and align your thoughts and feelings with being married.

3. Building Your Forever Partner from Scratch: Shape your future partner's thoughts, feelings and beliefs about you.

4. Releasing Your Fears, Insecurities, and Doubts: Embody the Wish Fulfilled and focus on the positive aspects of your future relationship.

5. Relaxing into Marriage Now & Guaranteeing Results: Discover the essential steps to solidify your journey towards marriage.

6. Taking the Right Action to Manifest Marriage: Strengthen your practice with a plan customized for you.

This course is your opportunity to redefine your love life. It's structured, interactive and filled with real-life examples, workbooks and exercises. Plus, you'll have access to a supportive community and my personal insights and strategies.

You might be wondering, "Is this course right for me?" Whether you've struggled with past relationships, feel unsure about your future or simply desire a more fulfilling love life, this course is designed to meet you where you are.

It's for those who believe in the power of self love and manifestation and are ready to take that leap towards a committed, loving partnership.

So, if you're ready to kick off this life-changing exploration and transform your love life, click the link below to join the "I Do" Manifest Marriage Course now. Let's make your dream of a loving, committed relationship a reality.


Manifest Your Specific Person MasterCourse

Ready to turn your dream of reconnecting with a specific person into your lived reality?
This course isn’t just about attracting love – it’s about reigniting the flame with someone special, someone you can’t stop thinking about, and drawing them back into your life with intention, love and clarity.

Imagine effortlessly manifesting back the one who got away or deepening the love with someone in your life right now. Through this course, you’ll explore how to embody the powerful energy and integrity that draws your specific person back to you, not in months or years, but in weeks.

This is about attracting someone you already know, creating a renewed connection that’s deeper and more meaningful. Here’s what we’ll cover inside:

1. No One To Change But Self: Discover the Ultimate Manifesting Formula (learn this simple tool and you’ll manifest ANYTHING you want!) and find out the rule that separates all people who successfully manifest their SP from people who get no results.

2. Live In The End (The Correct Way) & Get Results: Access 5 amazing tools designed to keep you in that end state, plus done-for you meditations and visualizations to help you embody the feeling of being in a relationship with your specific person..

3. Unwavering Self Love: The Key To Manifesting The Greatest Love of Your Life: Find out what self love is and what self love is not (many people misunderstand this) with this step-by-step guide. And take advantage of the most powerful tools to create highly magnetic energy within yourself (energy your specific person will feel!).

4. The Specific Person Secret: Easily Manifest Your SP In All The Right Ways: Manifest your SP faster with the step-by-step tutorial on “The Specific Person Secret.” Plus, find out how to know if your specific person is feeling the changes in you (even if you’re not in contact).

5. Stop Chasing Love Away & Instead Create A Reality Where They Chase You: If you are in “no contact” with your SP, this is how you use it to your avantage so they reach out sooner. And get your SP to pursue you faster with my “They Come To Me” Visualization & Method.

6. Let Go And Relax, Knowing Love Is Here And Always Has Been: Find out the secret to manifesting your specific person no matter what happens (if you do this, they have to come). Plus, you’ll find out why “letting go” does not mean not wanting your desire anymore, and how you can “let go” to manifest your SP.

With each passing day, the opportunity to transform your relationship from memory to reality grows.

Join now and get instant access to a day-by-day guide filled with actionable steps, from personalized meditations to powerful affirmations, designed to manifest your specific person back into your life.

If you’re ready for a second chance with someone special, for a love that’s evolved, deeper and more fulfilling, this course is your pathway.


Embodied Millionaire Course

Are you ready to transform your financial life and manifest money in amounts that will change your life forever? Introducing Embodied Millionaire, a step-by-step manifesting program designed to not only teach you how to attract money quickly, powerfully and consistently, but also how to become a magnet for abundance, luxury and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Imagine large sums of money appearing "out of the blue," receiving five-figure bonuses you never expected and going from financial scarcity to becoming a multimillionaire in a few short years.

If you're done feeling limited by money and ready to live your most expansive, fun and vibrant life, Embodied Millionaire is for you.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

1. Your Money Mindset: Uncover and shift your deepest beliefs about money (even the ones you may not be conscious of) with 7 in-depth video lessons and a 100-page workbook.

2. Millionaire Self Concept: Find out what it truly means to BE wealthy from the inside out inside this module. You’ll explore the millionaire self concept, teaching you to internalize the identity of someone who is effortlessly wealthy with 7 video lessons and a 93-page workbook.

3. Money in Your Reality: Step into a world where your daily interactions with money nurture your path to wealth. Uncover the secrets to transforming your financial life through 7 video lessons and a detailed 78-page workbook.

4. “How” to Make it Happen: The magic of manifesting money lies in being, not doing. Discover how to ensure that wealth isn’t just something you chase but something that organically flows to you with these 7 video lessons and an 82-page workbook.

5. The Keys to Millions: Discover how to manifest not just wealth but all forms of unlimited possibility by recognizing and acting upon your innate, abundant nature with 7 video lessons and an 80-page workbook.

The pathway to financial freedom begins with a single step – a step away from scarcity and towards limitless abundance.

Embodied Millionaire invites you to take that first step and then some, guiding you through a refined process to awaken to your fullest financial potential.

If you’re ready to leave behind financial stress, to manifest wealth that supports your most expansive life, Embodied Millionaire is your path forward.

Choose your own manifestation

How can I help you today?

Manifest a
Specific Person

Imagine you and that certain someone *the one who’s already a chapter in your story* sipping coffee on a Sunday morning and laughing over inside jokes yet to be created. Let’s dust off the doubts and polish the promise of what can be between the two of you. Because it’s time to stop being this person’s “maybe” and to step into being fully chosen by them “absolutely, without a doubt.”

Manifest a
New Relationship

Imagine meeting someone new – someone who doesn’t know your favorite coffee order yet, but is about to learn. If you’re done with the ‘single’ label, ready to update your status to ‘blissfully partnered’ with someone who’s a stranger now, but won’t be for long, this is for you. It’s time to manifest the greatest love of your life.

Imagine feeling like THIS IS IT. You’re living your peak life. You’re overflowing with love. You feel beautiful, joyful and optimistic. You’re not chasing something “out there” to fulfill you because you ARE the fulfillment. You’re not just content – you’re deeply, irrevocably in love with the person you’ve become. This type of Self Love starts here.

Money & Wealth

Imagine feeling completely confident about your ability to manifest money and grow your wealth. You’re done feeling limited in any way; you’re ready to start living your most vibrant, fun, expansive life yet. Imagine your reality filled with abundance, luxury and once-in-a-lifetime experiences… Nothing is off limits to you. This is what happens when you become masterful at manifesting money, and I have the keys here for you.


Hey love! Let’s manifest love, relationships & wealth together.

You with me?

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