6 Steps to Create New Love in the New Year

The New Year is a clean slate. It's a perfect time for us to reflect upon and say goodbye to what has been, and to turn ourselves towards what we hope will come. Because of the "new beginning" feeling that naturally accompanies the New Year, it's a great time to attract new love into your life. I wrote this article for anyone who wants to do just that.

Below are 6 powerful steps that will guide you to creating new love in the new year. Remember that you are creating your reality from the inside-out. Use these simple tools are create your best year (and your best love) yet!

1) Say goodbye to passed experiences.

If we don't properly grieve and say goodbye to what has been, we carry these experiences (and the accompanying grudges and resentments) with us into our new relationships. This is how negative patterns repeat themselves over and over again; it means we haven't properly said moved on and goodbye.

To create a clean slate for the New Year, take time to reflect on what your relationship history has been in 2014.

Ask yourself:

What went well in my relationships?

What didn't go well in my relationships?

What am I ready to say goodbye to? 

Write your answers down on a piece of paper and when you're ready, burn it, emphasizing the finality of that part of your life. By saying goodbye, you're creating a fresh platform for what you truly want to create in the future.

2) Get clear on what you desire in love. 

After you've consciously cleared out the old, you're ready to invite in the new. The first step in this process is understanding what you desire in a new relationship.

To find out, answer the following questions: 

What characteristics does my ideal partner have? 

What does my new relationship look and feel like?

Who am I as a partner in this new relationship?  

It's crucial to get clear on what want to make into a reality; clarity is an important step to make dreams come true.

3) Feel your new relationship before it arrives.

A powerful manifestation tool is dropping into your heart and using your imagination to feel the relationship before it arrives. Not only does this send a message to the Universe (and yourself) that you're serious about creating a relationship, but it also deepens you desire and passion. Passion fuels you with motivation to stay committed to your goal.

If you want to create new love in the new year, set aside time everyday to feel your new relationship in your heart. Get to know it before it arrives, and you'll be strongly calling that experience to you.

4) Love yourself. 

The most important lesson about love is this: a partner will reflect back to you how you feel about yourself and what you expect to happen in relationships.

Relationships are our mirrors. This means that whatever you fear will happen in a relationship, is very likely to happen. It also means that how you feel and treat yourself will be reflected back to you.

If you experience yourself as worthy, beautiful, incredible, and connected to yourself, you will attract a partner who reflects this back to you. And if you feel lacking or unworthy, these feelings will unfortunately be reflected back to you, too.

To attract an incredible relationship this new year, pay attention to how you treat yourself. Appreciate yourself, believe in yourself, say kind things to yourself, and you'll on the path to creating a relationship that reflects these beautiful qualities back to you.

5) Confront your fears about relationships. 

We all have fears about love. These are the internal messages that tell us we can't have the love we want. I refer to these messages as limiting beliefs. 

In order to create a new, fresh love in 2015, you can't ignore your fears in love; you must look your fears in the eye and challenge their validity. 

When fears such as "the type of love I want doesn't exist," or "I don't see any good relationships out there so how could I create one?" or "I'm too _____ to find love," come up, ask yourself if these beliefs are really true? Or… is it possible they're just you're fears? See if you can imagine that an alternative reality can exist.

By questioning the validity of your fears, you are transcending them, putting yourself on the path to creating a better love than you've every imagined. (Confronting your limiting beliefs in an in-depth process, to learn more about it, click here)

6) Believe. 

An open-mind is priceless. You can only create what you believe is possible. When you don't believe, you limit what will come into your life.

Start this new year by believing in love. Live your life through the perspective of wonder and potential. Open up to the endless possibilities of he Universe, and they will make their way to you.

2015 is filled with infinite possibilities for all of us. Let go of the old, connect to what you desire, believe in your potential, and you will create anything you desire.

Please leave a comment below telling us exactly what you're going to do to create new love in 2015. Wishing you love, peace, and adventure in 2015!