Shelly Bullard

Create the Love & Life You Truly Desire

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My programs are designed to teach you how to attract & create the love & LIfe you TRULY desire.


By learning how to consciously embody the Love Within you, you'll automatically rise into your Beauty, Magnificence, Sacredness, Centeredness, Gorgeousness in the most real, fulfilling way. 


In other words: 

You'll become who you really are.


From here, Attracting and Creating Highly Fulfilling Relationships, Money, Your Purpose, & a Phenomenal Lifestyle becomes easy & natural.

I'm honored to show you the way.

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Free Guides for You:


The in-depth guides below will teach you how to create the life and relationships you truly desire.

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  • Discover the most attractive energy there is, and learn how to embody this energy in all that you do
  • Find out the secret of attraction... why we're attracted to certain people, and what makes them attracted to us
  • Embody the magnetism from the inside-out - feel at home, in love, connected and truly aligned with YOU

  • Discover what a trigger really is, and why we get so triggered in romantic relationships
  • Learn the 3 crucial steps to overcome your triggers on the spot... how to return to Wholeness and Love again
  • Feel empowered, aware, and wise the next time challenging feelings surface in your life and relationships

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  • Learn how to naturally attract more wealth into your life, simply by being you
  • Discover 8 simple ways to align with the energy of "Wealth Within," which will naturally attract more physical wealth to you
  • Move out of a scarcity mindset, and into the Truth that overflowing beauty, abundance, potential, and Love is what you truly are