6 Ways to Increase Your Natural Attraction

Want to know the biggest secret about your natural attractive energy? 

It's determined by you.

What I mean is, when you find yourself attractive, luscious, gorgeous, and appealing... then other people will see you in those ways, too.

But when you don't feel sexy, well… I hate to say it… then others won't see you that way, either. Let me explain why...

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to feeling attractive is we expect another person to make us feel how we don't feel on our own.

For example, you want a man to make you feel beautiful (because you don't feel beautiful), or you want a woman to make you feel hot (because you don't feel hot). But looking for validation from the outside-in is the exact wrong way to go about getting the love and attention you really want! 

In fact, as I reveal in my eBook: How to Become the Most Attractive, Irresistible Version of Yourself, seeking validation because we don't feel good about ourselves fuels our insecurities and causes people back away from us even more!

Not. Fun.

The truth is until you feel sexy, attractive, and appealing as you are, then it's impossible for another person to make you feel this way in a relationship.

That's just how it works.

While there's nothing wrong with wanting to be desired by another person, it's important to understand that how others experience you is 100% related to how you experience yourself.

With that, here are 6 simple ways for you to connect to your sensual, sexy self. By enhancing the way you feel about yourself, not only will you feel incredibly beautiful and comfortable being you, but you'll also become completely irresistible to the people around you, too.

1) Get dressed up (for yourself, darling)

Let's be honest, many of us dress up for other people. We want to make an impression! But I encourage you to start going about this a completely different way - get dressed up solely for yourself.

Wear something that makes you feel fabulous, and do it often!

Feel good in your clothes, your style, and your body. This is the secret to really looking good to others.

2) Eat a decadent meal (and slowly enjoy it)

Food is a sensual experience - it is meant to be enjoyed. By taking in the smells, flavors, colors and textures of your food, the experience can become erotic.

Be present to the experience of eating; a good meal awakens your senses to the fullness of life. And this makes life feel incredibly sexy to you.

3) Go on a stroll (just because)

Take a walk, not to get somewhere, but to feel the movement of your body. 

There is a natural grace and sensuality that exists when we become aware of what it feels like to be in a body. Through enjoyable movement, you will feel this grace moving through you. And this is highly attractive to others.

4) Create a mood (for yourself)

Many of us believe that the purpose of a mood is to share it with another person. Of course this is really nice, but have you ever created a mood just for you? It can be just as enjoyable and sensual, if not more so!

Do whatever feels romantic or relaxing, just for you. Light candles, put on soft music, take a bath, or slowly eat a bowl of ice cream. Allow yourself to be turned on by you! Doing so turns you on to life, which is automatically attractive to everyone around you.

5) Dance with yourself

Dancing with yourself helps you feel more comfortable in your body. Not to mention... it's so fun!

When nobody's watching you can move the way you want to move without feeling self-conscious. It's incredibly freeing, and it's great way to be more comfortable in your own skin and rhythms.

Turn up the heat by doing a strip tease for the fun of it! Now we're talkin' hot!

6) Love on your body

Your body is unique to you, and it's a beautiful thing. It's only one you've got! You have to love your body if you want others to love it, too.

So how do you do this? You start by showering yourself - your skin, your arms, your legs, your shoulders, any part - with love, kindness, acceptance and affection.

I promise you, the more you love your body, the more your be able to accept the love and affection from others, too.

I want you to remember that you're a sensual, sexy being. By connecting to this energy within yourself, you will feel it reflected back to you. So go out there and make it happen - I dare you to heat things up a notch.

Please leave a comment below telling us one way you're going to connect with your sexy, sensual self this week. I look forward to hearing from you!