: 01 August 2012

3 of the Most Important Things You Need to Know About Love

There’s a lot you should know about love if you want it get more of it. For example, you should know what it really is. And you should definitely know what it is not. There are tons of little lies floating around out there about love so I am here to set the record straight.
Truth #1: LOVE IS LIMITLESS!There is an ever-abundant supply of love. It never runs out; it only grows. This means, the more love you give, the more love you get! Period. End of story. Happily ever after.
Limits are a thing of the ego, and the ego is not where love resides. Here are some of the ego’s not-so-smart instructions on what to do with love when you feel it. You might recognize some of these:
Hold back
Not so fast
Shut down
Back up
Close up shop
If you give too much, you are going to run out!

Now let’s use our intelligent minds to think about these statements, shall we? Does it really seem like a good idea to put limits on the thing that we all want; the thing that makes the world go round? Shut it down? Come-on! The ego is way out of it’s league on this subject. Flat out, it’s lying.

When you limit love, then it limits you.When you withhold love with the intention of getting more, it backfires—love gets withheld from you. The only way to get more love is giving it out. It’s like a muscle—the more you work it, the bigger it gets.

Switch your mindset from a get-mentality to a give-mentality (real giving, not sacrifice—check out my blog Giving vs. Sacrifice to find out the difference), you are going to receive a TON MORE LOVE! Comprende?
Truth #2: LOVE FEELS AMAZING.This may seem obvious, however many of us walk around believing that the opposite is true. The ego is a mastermind in convincing us that love hurts.
Again, let’s think about this. Love hurts? Really? No it doesn’t! Not loving is what hurts! Denying love is what hurts! Withholding loveis what hurts!
Everything that hurts is an act of shutting out love (everything!!! Bold statement, I know). The actual act of loving should feel nothing short of fantastic! If you think you’re loving but it doesn’t feel good, then you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. That’s ok. We all make mistakes. Try again. The truth is: we all know how to love. Love is our purest instinct. All we have to do is reach into our hearts and make the decision to love, and we will.

Truth #3: LOVE LIVES IN YOU. Love lives in your Soul—your authentic self, your unconditioned self, the real you—whatever you want to call that part of you that is deeply connected to your heart. And your heart is open and ready to do business with you 24-7, 365. No appointment needed. Love is hanging out, waiting for you to show up.

You can tap into the good feeling of love anytime! There is so much out there to love! You can love anything. Seriously, anything! Your man. Yes, of course. You dog. Yes! Chocolate. Yes!! The trees, the flowers, the city, the country, your home, delicious food, good friends….(catch my drift!?)
Love is about appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and the beauty that lives within us. You don’t have to wait for love because the capacity to love lives inside of you! Love it all. Love the way the wind moves through the trees. Love the sound of the fog horn. Love looking into your lovers eyes. Love whatever you can. The more you make a conscious decision to love, the more love you are going to feel.
Here is the bottom line about love: It is impossible to be in a state of loving and not feel loved yourself. When your heart is filled with love, then love is what you feel. And that means, you have control over it! When you start loving more, you start feeling more love. Honestly, don’t you think this world could use a lot more love? I do. Let’s start a movement of love by opening our own hearts and letting it pour forth. If you do so, you’ll be amazed at the gifts of love that will return to you.

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