: 13 May 2022

Manifestation Techniques Not Delivering Results? Here’s What You Could Be Missing

Today I want to tackle a question about manifestation techniques I get asked a lot from my clients and people I teach:

How often should I be practicing manifestation techniques?

But first, what are manifestation techniques anyway?

Manifestation techniques are the training ground that teach you how to think and feel about your situation. These techniques help you to change your perspective and decide what is true about you and your reality. Following? Let’s dive deeper.

A common misconception about manifestation techniques is that we think they’re the driving force to manifesting our desires but what they’re actually doing is laying the groundwork for you to be able to change yourself.

“There’s no one to change but self” – Neville Goddard

The techniques and affirmations are actually the tools you will use to change the way you predominantly think and feel about a situation. It’s literally changing your own perspective on who you are and what’s true about you.

So, we’ve journeyed back to our original question: How often should we do these techniques?

Short answer: It depends. (I know, I know, but hear me out)

It can all be boiled down to on one thing:

How certain are YOU that you will receive your desires?

The reason we’re looking at how certain you are is because your certainty is an indicator that shows you how strong your beliefs are. Let’s have a play around. If you were to try and judge your level of certainty with a percentage, what would that percentage be?

I’ve narrowed it down to three groups to help you out:

75-100% – You’re so certain of your desires you’re already living them

If you’re in this group, manifesting techniques and affirmations are practically second nature to you. In fact, your desires are running on auto-pilot. You don’t even need to check your affirmations off your daily to-do list because they just naturally play on in the background like a blissful soundtrack.

Let’s take relationships for example. You already know it’s going to work out and you feel certain that it’s going to happen. When you do your techniques and imaginal acts, you may actually feel like you’re already in that relationship.

Because of this, you don’t really need to do these techniques that often. Go, you!

Around 50% – Sometimes you’re hopeful about your desires, sometimes you’re not

If you’re in this group, you may have second thoughts about your desires. Yeah, sometimes they may happen, other times, you’re not so sure.

If this resonates with you, you need to be doing techniques at least daily. I recommend a 10 minute deep imaginal act where you are really imagining, for example, your beloved person with you. You can hear them say loving things to you and you’re saying loving things back and you’re deep in the state of feeling this.

To me, this is more effective than rattling off affirmations all day that don’t make you feel any different.

0-40% – You don’t think your desires will happen

If you’re in this group, you’re probably telling me “It’s just not in the cards for me, Shelly, sometimes I think it could happen but most of the time, I don’t believe my desires will actually happen.”

The good thing is, I can tell you why you feel like this. You’re currently saturated in the end result of not being in this relationship or having that outcome; you’re constantly seeing that you don’t have the thing you want in your life.

All you need to do is to spend a lot of time in the state of the wish fulfilled. Like anything, it’s going to take some work and some time to move out of that state of uncertainty, but the more time you spend visiting the inner experience of having your desire, the faster you’re going to move up that scale and into the certainty that whatever your desires are WILL BE YOURS.

You just have to practice!

Before you dive any deeper...

Hi, I’m Shelly!

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