: 10 February 2014

Single? Here Are 4 Ways to Have an Amazing Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that floods us with messages about what our lives and relationships should look like. It’s no joke; all those pink hearts and red roses can definitely take a toll!
Luckily, if you’re single, this holiday doesn’t have to be so bad. In fact, it can be really good. As you know, magnificent love, in and out of relationships, rarely comes in predictable packaging.

Here are four tips to help singles celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that has passion, meaning and love written all over it.

1. Shower yourself with love.

When you’re single, it’s easy to focus on what you’re missing because you don’t have a lover by your side. If you get bogged-down by this mindset, the best thing to do is open up to a different perspective.

The truth is, you don’t have to miss out on life experiences when you’re single!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s different to take yourself out to a nice restaurant than it is to go on a date. However…is that a reason not to do it?

Love starts within you. So feel that love. Adore yourself. Cherish yourself. Honor yourself. You deserve it.

And when the time is right, your next lover will make his or her way to you. But don’t miss the opportunity to adore yourself in the meantime; let your love flow.

2. Have a passionate rendezvous with life.

Life is hot. It’s juicy. It’s filled with sensuality and passion if you’re just willing to see it.

On Valentine’s Day, rather than looking for all the ways you don’t feel love, I encourage you to see the love that surrounds you in many different forms.

Feel your heart open as you witness the beauty of a sunset. Get lost in love while taking in the fragrance and sight of beautiful flowers. Indulge in the seductive decadence of chocolate. Set the mood by lighting candles, turning on good music, and running a bath.

Have a passionate love affair with life! Sensuality is here, just waiting for you to dive in.

3. Revel in the experience of being single.

Have you ever noticed how we’re constantly trying to get somewhere? Like where you are isn’t good enough?

This is a common mindset when single–we want to get to the relationship part! However, rushing to the next phase of life causes you to miss out on the experience that you’re having right now.

What if you just decided to appreciate where you’re at? It’s radical, I know, but it could change your life.

Right now is only temporary; it will be gone before you know it. See the magnificence that this phase of life offers you, knowing that the next stage will be here soon enough.

4. Love is always the celebration.

Love isn’t defined by material things. Or by a day. It’s definitely not defined by pink hearts. Or even a relationship status.

Love is a practice. It’s a feeling you have when you make a commitment to do so. That’s with or without a person by your side.

We are all here to love. On Valentine’s Day, and every other day. So in service of that love, ask yourself, how can I celebrate love?

What am I grateful for?

What joys do I get from life right now?

What love am I giving to the world?

What love am I giving to myself?

Remember that love is always available to you, no matter who you are, where you are, or what’s happening in your life. Love is in your heart. And when you actively create a relationship with that love, you can experience it on Valentine’s Day, and everyday of the year. This, after all, is what true love is made of.

Please leave a message below telling us how you’re going to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day. I look forward to hearing from you.

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